Monday, November 23, 2015

Union Soldier Statue Goes Up in Ashton, Illinois, in 1915

From the Nov. 17, 2015, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back."

S.F. Mills and N.A. Petrie, philanthropic citizens of Ashton, have contracted for the erection at their own expense of a soldiers' monument in the Ashton Cemetery.

The monument will be of Barre, Vermont, granite and the bass will be six feet and four inches square.  The monument will be surmounted by a full-size figure of a soldier dressed in the style of uniform used during the Civil War, the soldier standing at parade rest.

The height of the monument will be twenty feet and it will weigh 17 tons.

I wasn't able to find any more information about it, but did find photos of the Ashton Cemetery where it stands at the entrance to it.  It is located on Midway Road, north of the Lincoln Highway.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 128: Confederate Flag at Dennison University

From the Nov. 20, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Rockville postpones tonight's Confederate Statue hearing  (Virginia)  (temporary Win before Loss)  This is Montgomery County where the town of Christiansburg is located and we know how THEY feel about their heritage.

Georgia student poses for photo in Ku Klux Klan hood, Confederate Flag.  (East Correta High School)  (Loss)  Just what we need, dumb high school student makes it look like we support the Klan.

Electric Forest Bans American Indian Headdresses After Last Year's Confederate Flag Incident.  (Music Times) (Rothbury, Michigan)  (Loss)  Evidently some sore of a basshead/electronic music festival.  One attendee wore a Confederate Flag totem and upset somebody.

Campus Safety responds to truck sporting Confederate Flag.  (Dennison University, Ohio)  (Win and Loss)  A student saw it and got upset.  At first campus safety told them it was an issue of free speech and wouldn't do anything.  Later, went looking for the truck.

--Old Secesh

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 127: The Assault Over a Flag Decal

From the Nov. 20, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Police release enhanced images of alleged Confederate Flag assault.  (Salt Lake City)  (Loss)  This is where six blacks assaulted two whites over a Confederate Flag decal on a truck.  Right now it is being treated as assault but could be upgraded to a hate crime.  I might add it sure looks racist to me.  The white men should not have been attacked because of the decal.

Santa Ana replaces flags to remove Confederate symbols.  (California) (Loss)  That would be the Mississippi state flag.

And, speaking of the Mississippi state flag, I have not heard about how the state government is dealing with the University of Mississippi removing the flag from campus.

La Crosse truck sparks Confederate Flag debate anew.  (Wisconsin)  (Loss)  At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  A student saw a Confederate Flag on the grill of a truck at a construction site on campus and got upset.  The owner was told to remove it and did.

I Am Offended.  --Old Secesh

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 126: What Teddy Roosevelt Had to Say About Confederate Soldiers

I came across this while researching Irvine Bulloch in my Civil War Navy blog.  Irvine Bulloch served on the Confederate raiders Alabama and Shenandoah and was the brother of "Mittie" Bulloch, the mother of Theodore Roosevelt and paternal grandmother of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Irvine and "Mittie" were raised on a plantation in Roswell, Georgia and in 1905, Theodore Roosevelt visited the town and spoke.

"Men and women, don'y you think I have the ancestral right to claim a proud kinship with those who showed their devotion to duty as they saw the duty, whether they wore grey or whether they wore blue?

"All Americans who are worthy of the name feel an equal pride in the valor of those who fought on one side or the other, provided only that each did with all their strength and soul and mind his duty as it was given to him to see his duty."

Considering the current movement to completely dishonor all those who fought for and supported the Confederacy, these words from the past should be examined more closely.

--Old Secesh

Top Ten Civil War Innovations-- Part 4: Railroads, McCormick's Reaper and Paper Money

8.   RAILROADS--  had a huge impact.  Moved troops and supplies with rapidity as opposed to land roads.

9.  McCORMICK'S REAPER--  A labor-saving device.  Using the new reaper, three farm hands could do the work of 10-12 in wheat production.  This enabled these men to go to war.  The reaper was patented in 1834 by Virginian Cyrus McCormick.

10.  PAPER MONEY--  The war transformed U.S. banking system.  Paper money became legal tender for the first time.

"Greenbacks," named for their anti-counterfeit ink used on the back of them were issued by the federal government.  This replaced the paper notes issued by local banks around the country.

With the increasingly worthless Confederate paper money, some Southern soldiers demanded to be paid in Union "Greenbacks."

So, There You have It.  --Old Secesh

Friday, November 20, 2015

Top Ten Civil War Innovations-- Part 3: Telegraph and Iron Gunships

6.  TELEGRAPH--  50,000 miles of telegraph wire had been strung by 1860.  Another 15,000 miles were added during the war.  Lincoln used it for real-time information.  By October 1861, the coast-to-coast telegraph had eliminated the Pony Express.  During the war, several patents improved distance and power of the original Morse telegraph.

7.  IRON GUNSHIPS--  The Confederate Navy couldn't match the U.S. Navy in numbers so needed a super weapon which they got with the ironclad CSS Virginia.  The USS Monitor was built in 90-days and had 40 patentable inventions by John Ericsson.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 125: Goodbye Kirby

From the Nov. 18, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

School board OKs dress code ban on Confederate symbols.  (Christiansburg, Virginia, Montgomery County)  (Loss)  But no surprise here.  But, you know some people are offended by Christians.  Perhaps a new town name is in order.

Florida lawmakers move to replace Confederate statue.  (Not really a loss)  Statue of Confederate General Kirby Smith at U.S. Capitol.  As I said before, he spent only his childhood in the state and shouldn't represent the state at the Capitol.  Should have been done a long time ago.  Unfortunate that it had to take place in the current Confederate backlash.

Ken Calvert: Congressman recounts Confederate Flag controversy.  He introduced a late hour amendment on the spending bill that would have allowed the Confederate Flag to be placed at Confederate veterans gravestones at federal cemeteries in states which have Confederate memorial holidays.  Needless to say, this drew a lot of controversy.

Confederate Flags in Tallahassee Veterans Day Parade Causes Backlash.  (Loss)

David Allan Coe Fans Ready Confederate Do-Rags.  (Win)  Wait a minute guys and gals, don't you know some people are offended by them?  Oh, yes.  I forgot.  You don't care (but am sure you'd have other words to say about it).

--Old Secesh

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Top Ten Civil War Innovations-- Part 2: Sewing Machines, Standard Sizes and Weaponry

3.  SEWING MACHINES--  These were used for tents, uniforms and blankets.  This also led to coated fabrics like canvas tents and rubberized tarpaulins.

4.  STANDARD SIZES--  Before the war, if you needed shoes or something to wear, either it was made at home or, ion the case of shoes, a cobbler.  Things were made to the individual.  But with huge armies to uniform and provide shoes, it became necessary to start having standard sizes which would be then issued.

5.  WEAPONRY--  Both sides used newly-developed  bored rifles that gave bullets a spinning motion.  This caused effective range to be extended from 100 yards to 500 yards.  Minie balls were fired from them, which flattened on impact, shattering bones and tissues.  The old musket  balls generally passed right through the body, causing much less damage.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Top Ten Civil War Innovations-- Part 1: Canned Food and Pocket Watches

From the December 12, 2012, Discovery News.  Slide Show.

I had never known about the first four.

1.  CANNED FOOD--  Gail Borden patented condensed milk in 1854.  Sold Navy condensed coffee and cider.  By 1862, soldiers were eating his tinned goods: meat biscuits, condensed coffee and milk.

Entrepreneurs like Van Camps, Armour and Swift began producing single-serving cans of meat.

2.  POCKET WATCH--  Before the war, portable time pieces were a luxury for the ultra rich.  Waltham Watch Company in Massachusetts figured out how to make interchangeable pieces for their pocket watches, making them affordable for everyone.

This breakthrough coincided with the beginning of the war and soldiers took watches with them.  These watches often had inscriptions.

Pass the Coffee, Please.  --Old Secesh

M-231 Bike in Michigan Trail Named for Civil War Hero

From Oct. 17, 2015, M-Live "M-231 bike trail named for Civil War hero, Medal of Honor recipient."

Sgt. Henry E. Plant (Oct. 11, 1841-April 15, 1923) was born in New York and moved with his family to a farm in Ottawa County, Michigan.  Enlisted in the 14th Michigan Infantry in 1861.  Wounded during the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi, 1862.

On March 19, 1865, at the Battle of Bentonville, N.C., the company's color bearer was mortally wounded and Plant took the flag and waved it, inspiring his company to resist the Confederate onslaught.  For this he was promoted to sergeant and made regimental color bearer.

He was awarded the Medal of Honor on April 27, 1891, for rescuing the regimental colors, the first for anyone ever from Ottawa County and the 14th Michigan.

The M-231 is a road in Michigan.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 124: Vigil At "Disrespectful" Art Show

From the Nov. 15 and 16, 2015 Google Alerts for Confederate.

Group Holds Confederate Flag Rally.  (Abilene, Texas)  (Win)

Confederate Flag should not be flown in any community.  (Post-Bulletin)  (Loss)  A letter to the editor.

Confederate Supporters Protest MLK Monument On Stone Mountain.  (Georgia)  (Win)

Memorial to Civil War soldiers on both sides will replace Confederate Flag at Wichita park.  (Wichita, Kansas)  (Draw)

Veterans Group Holds Candlelight Vigil at "Disrespectful" Art Show.  (Richmond, Va.)  At the Confederate Chapel.  (Win)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 123: Even to TV?

From the Nov. 14, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

A History Lesson on Confederate Flag.  (An anti flag article)  (Loss)

Editorial: Fair should not abide sale of Confederate Flags.  (Glenn Galls, NY)  (Loss)

Updated: Hollyoaks fans complain about Confederate Flag seen in an episode.  (TV show) (Loss)  has it come to this.

museums can tell the full story of Confederate symbols.  (Draw)

Citadel alumni campaign to remove Confederate Naval Jack from Summerall Chapel.  (Loss)

--Old Secesh

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 122: New Battle in Natchitoches

From the Nov. 13, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Matthews woman's stand on the Confederate Flag goes viral.  (Matthews, N.C. near Charlotte.  (Loss)  She stole a Confederate Flag sticker off a neighbor's truck and replaced it with a racist note.  She is quite proud of what she did though to me that falls under destruction of private property.  Perhaps a nice big fine might convince her of the error of her ways.

Battle over Confederate Flag in Natchitoches.  (Louisana)  (Draw for now)  The mayor wants the flag out of the Christmas parade.  A decision has not been reached, but I'm sure it will be banned.

In Md. some stand against Confederate plate recall.  (Win)  Maryland license plates for SCV.

Review board recommends moving Confederate statues out of Lexington historic courthouse.  (Kentucky) (Loss)   These would be the statues of Confederates John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckinridge.

Stone Mountain: A Confederate memorial in a black neighborhood.  (Georgia)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 121: What About Ole Miss?

From the Nov. 12, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

A Bit of Housekeeping Removes a Confederate Flag in a U.S. Capital Building.  (New York Times)  (Loss)  Rayburn House Office building.  Removal of Mississippi state flag.

Two residents ask fair to ban Confederate Flags.  (Loss)  (Washington County Fair in Easton, NY, I think.)  They want any item featuring it banned.  The sad thing often is that is that if just one or two people don't like it, hey get their way.

I have not yet read about anything the State of Mississippi has done to punish Ole Miss for removing the state flags.  I am thinking loss of funding is in order.

What they need to do about the Confederate Flag emblem in the state flag is have a vote of all citizens like they had before.  If the majority vote to remove it, do so.

--Old Secesh

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 120: Trippy Dippy Light Show

From the Nov. 11, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

VA Flaggers to protest InLight exhibit at Confederate chapel outside VMFA.  (Richmond, Va.)  (Win) There is to be an art exhibit on the grounds of the Virginia  Museum of Fine Arts and plans are to turn the chapel into a "Funhouse" called "Trippy Dippy Light Show.  (Loss)  The show will go on.  In 2011, the VMFA forced the removal of Confederate battle flags from the Chapel.

Confederate Flag ban on clothing finds favor on Montgomery County School Board.  (Christiansburg, Va., of course)  (Loss) but no big surprise.

A.C. House 63 candidate wants confederate flag back (WBTW)  (Win).  But, I wonder why the article kept spelling Confederate with a small "c"?  Candidate Will Breazeale says it is not a racist symbol.

Sons of Confederate Veterans commemorate 100th anniversary of P.G.T. Beauregard statue.  (New Orleans) (Win)  This is one of the ones causing a removal debate.

Lake Village Votes to Change Confederate Street Name.  (Lake City, Arkansas)  (Loss) The City Council voted to change the name Confederate Avenue to Sgt. Thomas Armour, Jr. Street, a Lake Village resident who lost both legs in Vietnam.  I see on a map accompanying the article that they also have a Lee Street and we know what Confederate general had that name.  They also have a Chicago Boulevard and we know about all the blacks killed there every week.  Maybe some other street names need to be changed.

--Old Secesh