Friday, June 30, 2017

Civil War II-- 496: Arrests in Florida Over Confederate Street Names

From the June 22, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Florida Clash Over Confederate Street Names Leads to Arrests.  (Hollywood)  (Loss)  Again, there should be no violence or name-calling on either side.

Five arrested.  Streets are named Lee, Hood and Forrest.  In order to be renamed, five city council members must vote to do so.  So far, only three have agreed to rename.  Of course, in my mind, if the streets are in a primarily black area, they should be renamed as should be schools serving mostly Blacks.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Civil War II-- Part 495: UDC Wants (o)rlando Time Capsule

From the June 22, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate Group Fights For Possession of Time Capsule Found in Monument to Losers.  ((o)rlando, Florida)  (Win)  Really, "monument to losers."  Whose side are you on?

The statue which was removed recently was built in 1911.  The article continues that it was put up "in honor of Confederate traitors who fought to uphold slavery in the South."  I don't think the writer was being too objective or knowledgeable.

The UDC is the group that wants the time capsule.

--Old Secesh

Descendants of Victims of Fort Pillow Massacre

in the last entry I mentioned that there were people from this group in attendance at the meeting in Memphis to remove the statues of Jefferson Davis and Nathan Forrest.

I hadn't ever heard of this organization and looked it up.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out anything about them other than they were at the meeting.

I hope there is a group devoted to keeping their memory alive.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Civil War II-- 494: Now Memphis

From the June 21 and 22, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate Fort.

**  St. Louis Confederate memorial removal temporarily halted.  (Loss)  Temporarily it is.

**  The 9:01:  Memphians gather to launch movement against Confederate monuments.  (Memphis, Tn.)  (Loss)  Many against monuments to Jefferson Davis and Nathan Forrest.

One person was from the Descendants of Victims of Fort Pillow Massacre.  I can sure understand why they would be against the Forrest statue.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 493: (o)rlando Shames Self, St. Louis Prepares To

From June 20,21, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Rigging in place for Confederate monument removal.  (St. Louis)  (Loss)  So sad that such a great city would shame itself like this.

**  Metal box believed to be time capsule found inside Florida Confederate statue.    ((o)rlando)  (Loss)  The statue is down and will be moved to the Confederate veteran section of a local cemetery.

Another city shames self.

No More Mickey for Me, At Least in Florida.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Civil War II-- 492: A Couple Wins! Way to Go Museum and Hanceville!!

From the June 18, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Civil War Museum Sues St. Louis over Confederate memorial.  (Missouri Civil War Museum)  (Win)  Don't you just hate it when something like this happens?

**  Hanceville mayor makes pitch for (n)ew (o)rleans Confederate monuments.  (Hanceville, Alabama)  (Win)  Mayor Kenneth Nail.  A politician not afraid of black tyranny.

--Way To Go Hanceville!!  --Old Secesgh

Civil War II-- 491: One Confederate Monument Going, One Stays

From the June 16 and 17, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  City of Orlando continues process of removing Confederate statue.  (Florida)  (Loss)  It will be removed but the exact date for its removal is not yet known.  Until then, does not suffer the shame of becoming lower case like (l)ouisville and (n)ew (o)rleans.

**  Push to remove Lamar County Confederate Monument Fails.  (Paris, Texas)  (Win)  It was erected on the courthouse grounds in 1903.  The Texas Historical Commission requires a permit to move it but there was a 2-2 tie and the motion failed.

Orlando Hopefully Will Enjoy Its Remaining Days Before They Desecrate (Does This Mean Neo-Nazi?)--  Old Secesh

Monday, June 26, 2017

Civil War II-- 490: Blacks Use "Firstest With Mostest" In Mississippi

From the June 16, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Another Mississippi City Furls Confederate-Themed State Flag.  (Macomb)  (Loss)  Three black officials voted to remove the state flag from the city.  One white official voted to keep it.

Actually, what happened was that the Blacks pulled a fast one.  Removing the flag was not on the agenda, but two other white selectmen were late in getting to the meeting and the Blacks took advantage of it.

I Guess They Were Using Bedford Forrest's Getting There Firstest With the Mostest Axiom.  Wait, Wasn't He a Confederate and Probably the Most Hated One of ALL.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 489: The Northern-Made Confederate Statues

From June 16, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  The North's Role in Supplying the South with Confederate Monuments.  (From Hyperallergic site)  (Win)

Northern companies through mass production supplied a lot of these Confederate statues and monuments that so many want taken down these days.  One company in Connecticut, the Monumental Bronze Company , supplied a whole lot of them.

Their zinc, white bronze statues, were especially popular.  One is in Goldsboro, N.C., and placed there in 1883.

The tone of the memorials was not just to honor the heroes of the Confederacy, but also the common soldier.

I Guess Some of this Anti-Confederate Hatred needs Now To Be Directed Northward.  -Old Secesh

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Civil War II-- 488: Confederate Icons in U.S. Capitol?

From the June 13 and 14, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Why Are Eight Confederate Icons Proudly Displayed In the U.S. Capitol?  (Loss)  The tone of the article is definitely anti-Confederate.  Of course, two of them are Lee and Davis.  Three others are James Zachariah George of Mississippi, a Confederate colonel, Wade Hampton II and Edmund Kirby Smith.

Not sure who or what the other three are?

**  Confederate statue in public cemetery sparks debate in West Palm Beach.  (Florida)  (Loss)  It is one thing to protest a Confederate statue being on public property like a court house or park, but cemetery?

They're Going Too Far.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 487: Missouri's Civil War Museum Wants the Forest Park Confederate Monument

From Google Alerts for June 12 and 13, 2017 for Confederate.

**  Confederate Monument Controversy Gains National Interest.  (St. Louis)  The Missouri Civil War Museum wants the statue about to be removed from Forest Park.

**  Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors denies Confederate Flag appeal.  (Virginia)  (Loss)  At first, the headline made it seem like this was a win, but it turned out the board was denying the request by the Virginia Flaggers to put the big flag back up.  They had had to move it because it was too close to the roadway.

Next time, the Flaggers should make sure everything is in order.

--Old Secesh

Friday, June 23, 2017

Getting My Civil War On This Weekend: Round Table Discussion Group and Sons of Confederate Veterans

Saturday, June 24, I have two Civil War-related things going on here way up north in Union land here in the Land of Lincoln.

First, the McHenry County Civil War Round Table Discussion Group meets in Crystal Lake to talk about Confederate generals other than Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  I plan on talking about Gen. W.H.C. Whiting.

Then, I will go to Lake-in-the-Hills to a meeting of the Camp Douglas Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans where we will install new officers.  Our camp is named in honor of the 6,000 Confederates who died at Camp Douglas prison camp during the Civil War.

Getting My Confederate On.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 486: What Next, the Sam Houston Statue?

From the June 10, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Armed protesters carrying Confederate Flags defend Sam Houston statue in Texas.  There is fear that the 1925 statue might be removed because of all of this anti-Confederate deprecations.  City officials say it is not under consideration at this point.  Sam Houston did own slaves and that might be grounds for it, however.

I have to enjoy the combination of "armed protesters" and "Confederate Flags."  The armed protesters had permits to carry, but this sure sounds like a mob ready to kill opponents.

I'm guessing somebody at the paper didn't like those who stand up for their heritage.

And, Sam Houston is kind of a hero in Texas.

Of course, I know of certain monuments in Washington D.C., that honor some guys who owned slaves.  And, even Abraham Lincoln did not originally want to free the slaves, just stop the spread of slavery into new states.  Nor did he believe in racial equality.  That will have to come down as well.

Enough's Enough!!  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 485: About Those Confederate Statues and Flags

From June 10 and 12 Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Calls to Remove Confederate Statues Continue After "Texas Hero Protection Act" fails.  (Loss)  Sorry it did not pass.

**  The Confederate Flag largely disappeared after the Civil War, the fight against Civil Rights brought it back.  (Washington Post)    Well, it never really disappeared, but the fight against Civil Rights certainly did bring it back, which is part of the reason we're having so much trouble today protecting it.

--Old Secesh

Fort Warren in Boston Harbor-- Part 2: Held Confederate Officers and Others

From Wikipedia.

This is what I'd really rather be doing than spending so much time on the anti-Confederate attacks as I do.

If they would just stop, I could get back to what I'd rather be doing.

Fort Warren was built between 1833 and 1861 and completed just short before the beginning of the Civil War.  It was one of 42 Third System of U.S. fortifications and the fifth largest built.

It was supposed to hold 200 guns, but never had that many.  During the Civil War it had 15-inch and 10-inch Rodman smoothbore cannons.

It served as a prison for Confederate States Army, Navy, elected officials from Maryland and Northern political prisoners., which is why the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected the plaque.

--Old Secesh

Fort Warren in Boston Harbor-- Part 1: Prison During the War

From Wikipedia.

In one of yesterday's posts I mentioned where the governor of Massachusetts was in favor of removing a plaque at historic Fort Warren on Georges Island in the harbor.  This plaque commemorates the Confederates held prisoner there during the war.  This is a huge case of overkill.

I have been writing a lot about the fort that guarded Boston in the War of 1812 which was originally named Fort Warren (after the American Revolution hero) but which lost the name when this new fort was built.

The new Fort Warren still  stands and is where the plaque is located.  Since it is on an island, the only way to get to it is by boat or helicopter, so not many, other than history buffs and especially Civil War people, would go out to it.  Most Americans just aren't interested in history, especially the anti-Confederate ones, many of whom just jump on any bandwagon that comes along.

I have written about Confederates held prisoner at Fort Warren in my Running the Blockade Civil War Naval Blog.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Civil War II-- 484: Monument Removal Cost (n)ew (o)rleans $2.1 M

From Google Alerts for Confederate June 10, 2017.

**  Removing (n)ew (o)rleans' Confederate-era monuments cost city $2 M-plus in public, private money.  (Loss)  Actually $2.1 million.  I can't help but think that money might have been better spent, perhaps for police especially in light of the city ranking in America's most dangerous cities.

**  Mayor's Office:  Confederate Monument Coming Down Entirely By Monday.  (St. Louis)  (Loss)

Let's See How This Looks-- (s)t. (l)ouis--  Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 483: Massachusetts Governor Supports Removal of State's Only Confederate Memorial

From the June 10, 2017 Google Alert for Confederate Fort.  (I am starting to get a lot of these desecrations on this alert these days.)

**  Charlie Baker Supports Removing Massachusetts' Only Confederate Memorial.  (Loss)  Charlie Baker is the governor of the state and there is a marker on Georges island commemorating Confederates who were held prisoner at Fort Warren on the island.

And Union prisons were every bit as bad as Confederate ones.

--Old secesh

Civil War II-- 482: St. Louis and Tampa On the Road to Shame

From June 9, 2017 Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Workers Remove a Portion of St. Louis Confederate Monument.  (Loss)    So Sad.

**  Opposition Mounts To Possible Removal of Tampa Confederate Statue.  (Florida)  (Win for opposition.  Loss for the fact it is even being considered.  Tampa evidently wants to join (o)rlando.

Two cities soon to join the ranks of the shamed.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 481: St. Louis Continues Its Sad March to Shame

From Google Alerts for Confederate June 8, 2017.

**  More barricades are up around Confederate Memorial as the city moves toward bringing it down.  (St. Louis)  (Loss)  This is the first stage toward removing it.  The statue is 38 feet high, weighs 40 tons and was erected 103 years ago.  The city now plans to store it indefinitely.

So sad for St. Louis that it would join the ranks of the shamed.  And, I really like St. Louis, but will now boycott it.

Here is something to think about.  William Clark of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition owned a slave named York and took him along with it.  There is this big arch in St. Louis in honor of the expedition.  That makes it a slave expedition.  If the monument in Forest Park has to come down because of its slavery connections.

Just Thinking.  --Old Secesh

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

There Will Be A Lot of Civil War II Entries For Awhile

I am again going to attempt to keep up with all of these attacks on the Confederacy.  As such, I am going to keep posting until I reach a point where I am only a day or two behind these desecrations.

But, I sure wish this wasn't going on so much as I would really rather be doing research and writing about the war itself and not this second war against us.

At first it was mostly attacks on the flag, but now it seems to have the object of erasing the history altogether with the monument removal especially.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 480: (c)harlottesville Shames Self

From the June 5 and 7 Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Rally at Confederate Monument Draws Clashing Protesters.  (South Carolina)

**  Two Virginia parks shed Confederate general names.  ( (c)harlottesville)  (Loss)  Lee Park becomes Emancipation Park and Jackson Park becomes Justice Park.  At least this is not desecration.

Another Southern Town Joins the Ranks of the Shamed and Lower Case.  So Sad.  I Will Also Boycott It.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 479: The Problem With LSU Tigers?

From the June 4, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Verify:  Are the LSU Tigers named after a notoriously violent group of Confederate soldiers.  (Yes, they were)  Looks like LSU will have to find a new nickname unless they are willing to incur black wrath.  How do you like the remark "notoriously violent?"

**  Arizona's black leaders want all Confederate monuments removed.  (Loss)  No big surprise here.  We're talking major racists and desecrators.

**  Confederate statues remain part of Ohio Civil War landmark.  (Johnson's Island)  (Win)  The tone of the article seems to be to remove it.  Johnson's Island was the site of a Civil war prison where 267 Confederate officers and soldiers died there.  It is a 19-foot statue dedicated in 1910.

Let It Stand.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 478: About Those (n)ew (o)rleans Confederate Monuments

From the June 4, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Lt. Gov. details plans to buy, place removed Confederate monuments.  (Louisiana)  (Win)   Billy Nungesser says mayor (m)itch (l)andrieu is moving too slowly now that he has desecrated the Confederate monuments.

However, he proposes having five black and five white college professors decide what to do with the,  I doubt we can get a fair decision from the black professors and probably not even the white ones.

**  Confederate statue removals part of (n)ew (o)rleans mayor legacy.

And, A Sad Legacy It Is.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Civil War II-- 477: Losses Continue

From the June 1-3, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate monument bills fall.  (Louisiana)  (Loss)  Sad, but too late for our statues in (n)ew (o)rleans anyway.  That idiot in Charleston has sure done in the Confederacy.

**  Confederate schools, mascots and monuments about in Alabama.  Well, it was a Confederate state.

**  Confederate landmark at center of controversy in Dallas.  (Loss)

--Old Secesh

Monday, June 19, 2017

Civil War II-- 476: Thank You Brandenburg, Kentucky!!

From the may 29-31, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Baltimore Mayor Considers Removal of Confederate Monuments.  (Loss)

**  Confederate statue removed from the (u)niversity of (l)ouisville campus dedicated in Brandenburg, Ky.  (Win)  It will be interesting to see when, or if, (n)ew (o)rleans gets around to doing something, as promised, with the three they desecrated.

**  Confederate monument in St. Louis vandalized again.  (Loss)

If we take all the Confederate statues and memorials down, what will those people have left to vandalize?

Something To Think About.  --Old Secesh

(b)uddy and (m)itch, Do You Know What a Desecrator Is?

The definition of a desecrator is a person who profanes or violates the sacredness or sanctity of something.

I'd say that might be what you are doing.

That also applies to Neo-Nazis.

--Old Secesh

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Are the Confederate Statue Desecrators Neo-Nazis?

The funny thing, they like to compare slavery with the Holocaust.  Slavery definitely was not the Holocaust.  They like to refer to Confederate supporters as Neo-Confederates, a play on the Neo-Nazi image.  But, perhaps they are actually more the Neo-Nazis.

From Reddit Ask historians"  Did the Nazis ever destroy ancient and/or culturally significant buildings and sites the same way ISIS is currently going about destroying important buildings in Syria, such as Palmyra?

Much like what the Anti-Confederate Desecrators are doing with our heritage?

Two historians answered:

**  One said that Paris was to be destroyed when the Germans lost it.  But the German commander disobeyed Hitler's orders.  And that was to be the whole city.

**  Destruction of monuments and art took two different forms with the Nazis.  One was to humiliate and culturally destroy occupied people.  A second instance was the destruction of captured and German art and monuments to prevent their capture.

I thought the attacks on the Confederate Flag were bad enough, but this new wave against our monuments is taking it to a Neo-Nazi level.

How did that old TV game show go?  "Will the REAL Neo-Nazis please stand up!""

So, Who Are the Neo-Nazis?  I Believe THEY Are.  --  Old Secesh

Nash Farm Battlefield

In the last post I mentioned that the museum for this battle had closed because of flying a Confederate flag which offended a black person.  I had never heard of this battle so looked it up.

From the Explore Georgia site.

The battlefield is a 204-acre pulic park in the western part of Henry County about 21 miles south of Atlanta.  The Civil War battle called Lovejoy or Lovejoy's Station took place in the area which is now mostly covered with development.

During the second half of 1864 there was much military activity during the Atlanta Campaign in the area, including Kilpatrick's Raid, infantry battles and skirmishes as well as the campsite of Confederate general Stephen D. Lee's Army Corps.

The park is open seven days a week and the museum just Fridays and Saturdays.

Guess It Won't be So open Any Longer.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 475: Orlando Apparently to Join (l)ouisville and (n)ew (o)rleans

From the May 28, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Proponents protest Lake Eola Confederate statue relocation decision.  (Orlando, Florida)  (Win and Loss)  Win in that they were protesting.  Loss because of the coming removal.  The mayor has decided to (l)andrieu it and remove a 100 year old monument.  The mayor's name is (b)uddy (d)yer.

But, (b)uddy, did you know there are more than fifty city and county streets, roads, lakes and neighborhoods with Confederate names.  You'll be a busy desecrator.

**  Civil War museum closes after spat over Confederate Flag.  (Georgia)  (Loss)  Nash Farm Battlefield Museum.  See the next post to find out about this battle.

(o)rlando?  --Old Secesh

Civil War-- 474: Here's a Gal I Wouldn't Vote For in Virginia

From the May 25-26, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Lieutenant governor hopeful Susan Platt calls for taking down all Confederate monuments in Virginia.  (Loss)  She also wants to rename all roads and bridges named for Confederates.  Let's just wipe out four years of history.

And, she is a white person.  Hard to believe.  Going for the black vote.  let's hope white voters keep her out of office.

**  Confederate license plate requests quadrupled in Louisiana last year.  (Win)  These are requests for specialty plates for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Sadly, these weren't huge numbers with 61 requests, up from 13.  And 18 so far this year.  But we'll take any victory over this onslaught.

Unfortunately, I Don't Live in Virginia.  Who Is Running Against Her?  --Old Secesh

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Civil War II-- 473: Finally, A Governor Willing To Stand Up to Anti-Confederate Tyranny

From the Google Alerts for Confederate for May 25, 2017.

**  Governor signs protections for Confederate, other monuments.   (Alabama)  (A Huge Win)  Governor Kay Ivey signed it.

Also, a big thank you to those Alabama legislators to got the bill passed and to the governor despite opposition from racist blacks among them.

This bill puts the removal of monuments up to a vote of the people, the only fair way to do it.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 472: Museum Closes Over "Request" Demand

From the May 25, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate Flag removed, then Civil War museum  closes.  (Henry County, Georgia)  (Loss)  Commissioner Dee Clemmons "requested" removal of a Confederate Flag from outside the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum.  The museum says she demanded it.

The museum is for an August 1864 battle.

The museum removed it after the "request."  Then Clemmons returned and demanded that other Confederate stuff be removed from the museums.  The museum closed after that.

Commissioner Clemmons is a black person.

Is It Possible for Blacks to Be Racist?  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 471: Is St. Louis About to Disgrace Itself?

From Google Alerts for Confederate May 24, 2017.

**  St. Louis' Confederate Monument Vandalized After Protest.  (Forest Park)  (Loss)  This took place after supporters and opponents of its removal clashed.  No arrests made.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, who is White, wants it taken down.

The monument is 34-feet tall and was erected in 1914.

Sadly, looks like another Confederate monument is about to get desecrated.

Like I Said, I'll Miss Ted Drewes and Route 66 Through Town.  --Old Secesh

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Civil War II-- 470: Confederate Monuments Vandalized

From the May 23, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate monuments, more than 700 and as many as 1000 across USA, aren't budging.   (Win, when they stay)  Kind of surprising, but Helena, Montana, not a state you think of as Confederate, has a Confederate drinking fountain.

And, as we know, Blacks, their white allies and surprisingly many Southern whites, are after those monuments which they say hurt their feelings.

**  'Shame' spray-painted on Confederate monument in Virginia.  (Norfolk)  (Loss)

**  Graffiti scrawled on Confederate statue at Lake Eola Park.  (Orlando, Fla.)  (Loss).  USA scrawled on the base.

Here's something to think about.  What will BLM and those folks vandalize if and when all Confederate monuments come down?

And, how would Blacks feel if someone started vandalizing their monuments.  They probably wouldn't like it.  They'd call it racist.  It, of course, is not racist when they do it.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

And, Meanwhile In Chicago, Murder and Mayhem In Last Weekend's Shoot-A-Rama

From the Hey Jackass: Chicago murder and Mayhem website.

Remember, Blacks really, really hate all things Confederate, especially since the racist idiot murderer in Charleston was photographed holding a Confederate Flag.

And, this past weekend was a particularly murderous one.  Seven were killed and 38 wounded.  Mostly Black.  And, most of them were shot by other Blacks.

Last week there were 15 killed and 55 wounded.

For June so far:  27 killed, 114 wounded.

For 2017 so far:  264 killed and 1251 wounded.

A person is murdered every 13:54 hours.  The map of the city shows most shootings taking place in black neighborhoods.  A list of deadliest 'hoods shows most all are Black.

81% of victims are Black.

Meanwhile, in 2017, police-involved shootings in Chicago were 6 killed and 7 wounded.

Also, so far in 2017, there have been 6 U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan.

And Yet, The Black Community Is Ever So Worried About Those Confederate Statues and Flags.  Makes You Wonder.  --Old Secesh

New Orleans Murders for 2017, So Far

It is kind of interesting to note that even though the racist killer in Charleston, S.C. killed nine innocent people, Blacks kill far more other Blacks than that across the United States and on a weekly basis, especially in Chicago.

So far, in 2017, there have been 85 murders in New Orleans, mostly Blacks, judging from where the killings take place.  For 2016, the number was 175.  Again, mostly Blacks killing Blacks.

And most of the Blacks were killed by other Blacks.

Not one of those three Confederate statues are suspected of any of the killings.  Nor are any Confederate Flags, but police are investigating.

And Blacks Are Really Hurt By Anything Confederate.

You Just Never Know When One of Those Racist Statues or Flags Will Go On a Killing Spree.  --Old Secesh

Monday, June 12, 2017

MCCWRT Meeting June 13, 2017: Nashville, the Confederacy's "Siren Song"

There will be a monthly meeting of the McHenry County Civil War Round Table Tuesday, June 13, 2017, at 7 p.m. at the Woodstock, Illinois, Public Library.

This month's speaker, Greg Biggs, will be discussing "Nashville: "Siren's Song of the Confederacy."   He will be talking about the failed Confederate efforts to retake Tennessee's capital city.

The library is located at 414 Judd Street in Woodstock, Illinois.

See You there.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 469: Destroyers of Confederate Statues Compared to Nazis

From the May 22 and 23, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Mississippi Representative Karl Oliver Calls for Lynching of Destroyers of Confederate Statues.  (Loss)   I don't like the destroyers either, but comments like this don't help the cause.  Wish he hadn't have said it.  This part of what he said was completely unacceptable, and, of course, raises the red flag regarding the lynching of Blacks during the 100 years after the war.  A very sad chapter in our country's history.

 However, he did make a point of comparing the sterilization of history as taking place now to the Nazis destroying books and rewriting history.  (Win) This is a REAL good point.

Of course, comparing the Confederacy to the Nazis is a favorite tactic of the Anti-Confederates, so this is an interesting take on the situation.  Perhaps they are the real Nazis?  Or, as they like to say, Neo-Confederates...Oops, Neo-Nazis.

Are we seeing the rebirth of the Nazis?

These Mess Must Continue Peacefully.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 468: About Those Southern Cities and Confederate Monuments

From the May 22, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  New Orleans took down its Confederate monuments.  Will the rest of the South?  (Washington Post editorial)  (Loss)  In part they said removing monuments will go to "Deglorifying a past that deserves very little glory."

From their tone, I'd say we're also against the media.

OK, the Confederates were fighting against the terrorism of the abolitionists and a country that no longer supported the Southern states through its laws.

Here's hoping that other Southern cities will not go to the shame of (n)ew (o)rleans.

**  Effort to strip Confederate name from US-1 advances.  (Alexandria, Virginia)  (Loss)  The road is named for Jefferson Davis going through that city.

--Old Secesh

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Civil War II-- 467: Problems in St. Louis

From the May 21, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Bill filed to tear down Confederate monument in Forest Park.  (St. Louis)  (Loss)  Filed by alderwoman Sharon Tyrus, a black person.  The bill calls for the removal of any and all Confederate monuments on any public property and that removal costs will not be done with public money, but private.

City treasurer Tishaura Jones is raising money to remove the monument with a Go Fund Me page.  She is running for mayor and is Black.

I'm Sure I'll Donate To This One.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 466: Experts Say Conflicts Over Confederate Names and Symbols Likely to Continue

From the May 21, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Experts:  Conflicts over Confederate names and symbols likely to continue.  (South Carolina)  (Loss)  A Greenville County student petition to change the name of Wade Hampton High School.  Of course, I have no problem with changing the name if the school is mostly black students.

And, as far as the title of the article, which is certainly true, why should, after 150 years, all of a sudden so much anti-Confederate hatred?

Seems All This Would Have Come Along A Lot Earlier.  --Old Secesh

Friday, June 9, 2017

Mort Kunstler's June Civil War Calendar: Race Down Chester Street

From the June page of the Civil War Calendar.


One of the most heralded campaigns in American military history remains General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862.

One of the most pivotal engagements of that campaign took place in Front Royal, Virginia, where Jackson's troops were not only able to divide, but also to rout a much larger Union force.  he was then able to push his enemy's withdrawal even further by striking at its flank and threatening its rear formation.

Many experts believe that this move led directly to the defeat of Union Major General Nathaniel P. Banks' army at the First Battle of Winchester, two days later on May 25th.

After relieving the town of Winchester from the threat of Federal occupation, Jackson rested his men in preparation for a series of victories that were still to come.

The picture shows Jackson and his staff riding their horses down the street with several of them with their pistols held up in the air as well as foot soldiers running alongside them.  It must have rained recently as the street is muddy and clods of mud are being thrown up.  Townspeople are watching from the sides of the street.

Old Secesh

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Civil War II-- 465: Now, Orlando

From the May 16, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Orlando commissioners debate fate of Confederate statue.  (Florida)  (Lose)  Well, they actually should not have to have a debate about it.  It should stand where it is.  Those that don't like it should not look at it.  Avert  your eyes.  Swear under your breath, but keep it to yourself.

**  Governor Edwards' Confederate statue bill unnecessarily divisive.  (Louisiana)  I disagree.  We must find ways to save our heritage.  It should not all be about a black thing.

What, No Mickey For Me?  Maybe?  --Old Secesh

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Civil War II-- 464: Congratulations to Alabama's Lawmakers

From the May 20, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Alabama lawmakers approve Confederate monument protection.  (Big Win!!)  Wow, who'd have thought that we actually have lawmakers with the backbone to stand up to the black tyranny.

**  Confederate monuments:  As Lee comes down (l)andrieu's profile rises.  ((n)ew (o)rleans)  I think not!!  I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher.  Hopefully, he'll take a shot at a national slot where I can work against him.

Again, Thank You Alabama Lawmakers.  Finally Some Justice As Opposed to Mob Rule.  We'll Vote On It.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Civil War II-- 463: The Problem in St. Louis and That Flag Thing Again

From the May16 and 17, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  St. Louis' mayor wants Confederate monument removed.  (Loss)  And I really like those Ted Drewes' concretes.  Not so big of a Cardinal fan, though.  Cub thing you know.  As you know, I boycott cities that dishonor anybody's history.

**  NAACP pushes for NCAA tourney to move from Mississippi because Confederate symbol as a flag.  (Loss)  This has to do with the regional girls softball games

The NAACP had nothing to say about all the Black-on-Black killings.   But they are REALLY UPSET about that flag thing.

Hey, NAACP, Time To Get Your Priorities Straight!!  --Old Secesh

Monday, June 5, 2017

Gosh, With All These Southern Towns and Their Confederate Monuments...

If I plan to boycott all Southern towns that take down their Confederate monuments, will I be able to visit anywhere in the South again?

Let's see, (l)oiusville and (n)ew (o)rleans come to mind already.

Perhaps.  --Old Secesh

Friday, June 2, 2017

I've Decided to Call All These Anti-Confederate Attacks The Civil War II

Way back before Charleston, I was calling these assaults Heritage Attacks.  After Charleston, I switched to The Confederacy Under Attack.

Last month I was thinking of abbreviating Confederacy Under Attack to C.U.A..  That just didn't sit well with me.  What is a CUA?

At least for now, I will call these Civil War II.  Just as in the case of World War II, this is the second attack on the Confederacy, this time from Blacks and their allied Whites (especially Southern whites).

There's a war going on, though we didn't declare it.  What we are doing, at this point is defending our heritage from these malicious affronts.

I will continue using the numbers I was using for the Confederacy Under Attack and C.U.A..  And, besides Civil War II, you can look up past heritage attacks under Confederacy Under Attack in the labels area.

--Old Secesh

The Tullahoma Campaign

From Wikipedia.

Earlier this year, we had a talk at the McHenry County Civil War Round Table on this little-known Civil War campaign in Tennessee.  It was almost completely overshadowed by  the Battle of Gettysburg and surrender of Vicksburg, but was important nonetheless.

Also called the Middle Tennessee Campaign and lasted from June 24 to July 3, 1863.  Hence the overshadowing.

The Union Army of Cumberland under Major General William Rosecrans effectively drove the Confederates out of Middle Tennessee and threatened the strategic city of Chattanooga as a result of it.

Confederate General Braxton Bragg and his Army of Tennessee were in a strong position on the top of the Nashville Basin rim, south of that city.  But Rosecrans captured the strategic passes through the basin rim, partly aided by the new 7-shot Spencer repeating rifles.

As before mentioned, it was overshadowed by Gettysburg and Vicksburg as well as the Battle of Chickamauga two months later.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Here's a Guy Who Tells It Like It Is-- Part 2: Both Sides Committed Atrocities

3. Many different ethnicities fought for the Confederacy including Irish, Scots-Irish, Africans (both slave and free), Jews, Cherokees, Seminoles and Tejanos.

4.  The South did fight for States Rights, but unfortunately the right to keep slaves was one of them.  (Had it not been for this, life would be so much easier today.)

5.  The Confederate government was more concerned about the privileges of the planter elite than the rights and woes of the common farmer.  (I couldn't agree with this more.  Plus, slaves were what enabled the rich to keep control of the state governments.)

6.  Both the North and the South committed atrocities.  I will not glorify or demonize South or North, but I will remember all those who lived, fought, sacrificed and died in the American Civil War, both soldiers and civilians, slave and free, Southerners and Northerners.  Tell me the name of any war in which atrocities weren't committed on both sides.

Samuel Dawson Greenstone

I Liked What This Man Had to Say.  --Old Secesh

Here's a Guy Who Tells It Like It Is-- Part 1: Warts and All

From the April 16, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.


From the Greensboro, N.C. News & Review.

May 10 is Confederate Memorial Day in the Carolinas, but isn't celebrated much anymore.

It is a day for remembering those who died for the South, not celebrating some delusion of white supremacy or a glorious Lost Cause.  The Confederacy became the Confederacy wasn't all that glorious.

Here are some facts about the Confederacy:

1.  The South was deeply divided and in North Carolina, the mountains and Piedmont areas were particularly pro-Union (as were parts of most other Southern states).

2. Lincoln and Davis were really unpopular presidents of their sides.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh