Thursday, August 31, 2017

Civil War II-- 544: Hate Crime in Ohio, Confederate Statue Beheaded in Cemetery

From the August 23, 2017, Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald "More Confederate memorials under fire", AP.

Police say a Confederate soldier statue at a cemetery in Ohio has been damaged by vandals who took its head.

Columbus police say the vandals climbed onto an arched memorial at the Camp Chase Confederate cemetery and toppled the statue atop the monument to the ground.

The soldier's head and hat were then knocked off.  The vandals took the head but left the hat.

Police say the vandalism occurred early Tuesday at the cemetery where 2,000 Confederate soldiers are buried.  Camp Chase was the site of a Union prison for Confederates and these men died at the camp.

I like the way the desecraters were referred to as vandals in the article..  Since the Confederates were white, I'd say a hate crime was committed.

It is one thing to do something illegal like defacing and tearing down a Confederate monument that is not built over a grave, but to do something like that over 2,200+ bodies.  Something just isn't right.  Especially people who died at the hands of the Union after they were captured.  Maybe we should start thinking about taking down statues to Union soldiers in the North as well.

And, Again, the Confederate-Haters Say They Just Want Confederate Statues Removed From Public Places Like Courthouses.  --Old Secesh

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Civil War II-- 545: Confederate Flag Under Attack in Manhattan

From the August 23, 2017, Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald, AP "More Confederate memorials under fire."  AP.


The Confederate flags had been in a Manhattan apartment's windows for over a year.  And then, in a matter of days last week, rocks were thrown at them, a window was punched out, a tarp was hung over them and legal action taken.

By this week, the lighted flags were no more to be found in the seventh-floor windows in the East Village neighborhood, where the Confederate flag was displayed alongside an Israeli flag and a colonial-era American one.

The flags' owner, William Green, said by e-mail that the reaction reflects a misunderstanding of their meaning.  he said the battle flag represents Confederates who "loved their country."  "Heritage not hate."

And the press likes to portray Confederate-Haters as nice, stand-up, do-the-right-thing folks.  I don't think so.  Was this a Hate Crime?

Oh Well.  Anti-Confederates Behaving In Their Usual Way.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Civil War II-- 542: Renaming the "Cradle of Liberty" Boston's Historic Faneuil Hall Because of Slavery Connection

From the August 23, 2017, Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald, "More Confederate memorials under fire" AP.

An advocacy group is calling for renaming Boston's historic Faneuil Hall because its namesake had ties to the slave trade.

The brick meeting house, built in 1742 and nicknamed "The Cradle of Liberty," was where Samuel Adams and other American colonists made some of the earliest speeches urging independence from Britain.

Decades later, Frederick Douglass and other prominent abolitionists also would use the famous stage to call for an end to slavery.

Kevin Peterson, founder of the New Democracy Coalition, days it is time to change the name because it was built and donated to Boston by Peter Faneuil, a wealthy merchant who owned and traded slaves.

For any of you who think they will stop when all the Confederate statues are down... Not Likely.  Any and everything associated with any aspect of slavery will have to go.

Maybe President Trump Knows What He's Talking About With Washington and Jefferson.  --Old Secesh

Monday, August 28, 2017

About the Nazis and Their Destruction of Cultural Items

Some other things I found while looking up Nazi destruction of cultural items:

**  Destroyed what they considered to be "degenerate art."

**  Destroyed books in "quest to destroy European culture."

**  Destroyed monuments in Poland.

**  Destroyed the Glade of Armistice in Paris which was built to celebrate the Allied victory over Germany in World War I.

So, who is either demanding the statues come down or taking it in their own hands to vandalize and desecrate the Confederate statues.

Who's a Nazi Now?  --Old Secesh

Friday, August 25, 2017

Welcome to the Black Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Statues)

Only this time, instead of glass, it is statues being broken.  And instead of innocent people being massacred, it is innocent statues.

Just as the Nazis had a purge/pogrom against the Jews in Germany on the night of November 9-10, 1938, Kristallnacht, the Blacks are having their own, with the help of their white minions and gutless politicians, against any and everything about the Confederacy.

I am sure that down the road, when revisionist historians look at this period of U.S. history, that they will compare it with Kristallnacht.  The persecution and destruction of a group of people.

Now, I under no circumstances expect Blacks to like the Confederacy.  If I was black, I certainly wouldn't like the Confederacy.  But, in this country there have always been and always will be things that make some, if not all of its citizens angry.

Are there things about Blacks that anger me?  You bet there are.

But after over 150 years, time has come to get on with your life.

As a sign in our local American Legions says, "Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties and Get On With It."

Who's a Neo-Nazi Now?  --Old Secesh

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Did the Nazis Ever Destroy Culturally Significant Buildings or Sites?

What with all this desecration and destruction of Confederate monuments, I was wondering if similar atrocities have occurred in the past.

REDDIT ASK HISTORIANS:  Did the Nazis ever destroy ancient and/or culturally significant buildings and sites in the same way ISIS is currently going about destroying important buildings in Syria, such as Palmyra?

The answer is yes.

**  Paris was to be destroyed before the Germans evacuated the city but the commander disobeyed Hitler's orders

**  Nazi destruction of monuments and art work took two different forms:

1.  To humiliate and culturally destroy the occupied people.
2.  They also destroyed German art work and monuments to prevent their capture by the Allies.

Makes you wonder if the Confederate-haters, are in fact Neo-Nazis or maybe Neo-ISIS.  Perhaps the Blacks are picking up the Nazi banner.

Makes You Think, Though.  --Old Secesh

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Civil War II-- 541: Tampa Reverses Self, Richmond Debate Begins

From the August 7, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Can Tampa's Confederate monument rest in peace at Brandon family cemetery?  (Florida)  (Loss)  Last week, by a vote 4-2, Hillsborough County Commissioners voted to remove the 106-year-old statue of a Confederate soldier in front of the old courthouse.  The original black racist commissioner did not give up after his first attempt ended in a defeat.  I'd sure like to know the racial breakdown of the commissioners and how they voted.

So, another city prepares to shame itself and after I was so proud of them to stand up against this black tyranny last month.

**  Richmond debate over Confederate statues begins with remarkable civility  Will it last?  (Virginia)  Evidently, a commission will be set up to make recommendations.  I kind of know how this will work out.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Civil War II-- 540: U.S. Army Stands Up to Black Tyranny, But for How Long?

From the August 8, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate Fort.

**  U.S. Army refuses to take Confederate general names off Fort Hamilton streets.  (New York City)  (Win)  This is a huge win.

But, you just know that Blacks are now going to push for the names of Army bases which are named for Confederates will become a top priority and I am sure the Fort Hamilton story will not be over until the names are changed.

And, at one time Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were considered to be American heroes, two of the greatest American generals ever, despite fighting for the "other side."  How could so many Americans be so wrong for so long?

One Really Has to Wonder.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 539: More About Confederate Memorials, Flags and Statues

From August 3-4, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Why are there Confederate statues in the District?  (Washington, D.C.)  From Afro-American.  And guess what they want?

**  Confederate Flag will continue to fly near S.C. business despite owner's concerns.  (Orangeburg)  The Edisto River Creamery is in a bind because the SCV owns a flag that flies by the property,  In this case I say the SCV should give the guy a break and lower the flag.  Maybe sell the land to the owner.

**  Dallas Confederate memorials scream 'white supremacy'.   (Dallas News Commentary)  (Loss)  The writer has located 5 Confederate named monuments in Dallas and obviously wants them removed.  At least this was not a regular news story but one person's opinion.

Sadly, the Confederate-haters think all Confederate monuments are white supremacist.  Believe me, that is not what they mean to me and not what the people who put them up, most often by UDC, had in mind either..  This was out of respect for men who put their lives on the line to start a new country after it became apparent they could no longer be a part of the United States.

So Sad What is Going On.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 538: Now San Antonio, Detroit and Richmond

From the August 1-3, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  SA councilmen call on relocation of Confederate monument.  (San Antonio)  (Loss)  It was erected in the early 1900s in Travis Park "Lest We Forget Our Confederate Dead."  District 2 Councilman William "Cruz" Shaw, a black racist, is leading the attack.

**  Confederate Flags banned at Detroit's Eastern Market vendor hub.  (Loss)  But considering the city, probably for the safety of all.

**  From Confederate Fort Google Alerts.

Richmond kicks off talks on Confederate monuments.  (Virginia)  (Win and Lose)   Win because they are talking about it.  Loss because we know what will eventually happen if the other side does not take it upon themselves to remove them.  I liked the mayor's plan to leave them, but have signage.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 537: On Trump and the Sad Thing in Charlottesville

August 15, 2017.

I was watching the video of Trump's talk about what happened in Charlottesville and was really aggravated with that one obnoxious female reporter who kept interrupting him.  The President said that before he makes a statement, he likes to have the facts (well, I have to admit he sometimes does not).  He said the statement he made on the night of the confrontation was a good one when he said there was blame on both sides.

He also said that removing the Confederate monuments will open the door for the removal of others.

The driver of the car who killed the woman and injured the others was a disgrace to himself, his country and his family.  A murderer.

The President seemed to be saying that he knew stuff about the confrontation which the public doesn't know.  I would hope so as he IS the President.  But, I think he should release pictures of what the counterprotesters were doing.  I sure would like to see that, if it exists.

I have to agree that media coverage of Trump and the Confederate haters is very biased and a disgrace to the profession.

--Old Secesh

Monday, August 21, 2017

20 Significant Events Affecting the Civil War-- Part 3: About Gen. Butler

**  Butler declaring escaped slaves as contraband.  Everything Butler did that wasn't in the field was good. He was a good administrator and contraband addressed the problem with what to do with incoming former slaves.

There is a new book about Butler.

Butler had part interest in the racing yacht America for which America's Cup is named.

**  Trent Affair

**  Death of Stonewall Jackson and impact on Lee.  Now had three corps instead of two.  Ewell and Hill never matched Jackson's ability.

Lee was called "Granny" and "King of Spades" for digging trenches.

Capture of the CSS Florida in Brazil.  Somewhat questionable move bt the Union commander.

--Old Secesh

Friday, August 18, 2017

Others on 20 Most Significant Events Affecting the War-- Part 2: Moving Capital to Richmond

**  Slavery would have died out eventually, possibly by 1900.

**  Movement of Confederate capital from Montgomery to Richmond was a really bad move.  It deemphasized the importance of the Western Theater  Richmond as capital would secure Virginia for the Confederacy.  It was now, however, too close to Washington, D.C., and too hard to defend.

**  The North's Herman Haupt and his control and use of railroads was a big help in their cause.

**  Creation of the U.S. Military Rail Roads.

**  The firing of Simon Cameron

**  Dred Scott Decision and the Fugitive Slave Act.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 536: Guess Where the OscarSoWhite Guy Stands on the New TV Show 'Confederate'?

From the July 29, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  OscarsSoWhite creator starts social media campaign to stop 'Confederate.'    (The proposed HBO show "Confederate").  So, who's being a racist?

**  School board votes to drop high school's Confederate name.  (Fairfax County, Va.)  J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church.  However, they will just be dropping the J.E.B. part of the name.

--Old Secesh

Civil War-- 535: U.S. Army Stands Up to Black Racism

From the August 9, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  US Army refuses to rename streets honoring Confederate leaders.  (Fort Hamilton in New York City)  (Win)  The streets are named for Lee and Jackson and black racist Congressman Yvette Clarke wanted the names removed.  The black racist Southern Poverty Law Center says there are 1503 Confederate place names and symbols across the United States.  You just know they would like all removed.

More credit for the U.S. Army resisting black tyranny.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Civil War II-- 534: NAACP Issues Black Travel Advisory for Missouri

From Chicago's WXRT, July 28, 2017.

**  Missouri NAACP has issued a travel warning to Blacks driving in Missouri.  They warn that Blacks can get killed.

I don't know about this one.  But I think signs should be put up along interstates where it is not a good idea for white motorists to get off the interstate.  There are dangerous neighborhoods, even for Blacks.

--Old Secesh

What the Others Had to Say About the 20 Events Affecting the Civil War-- Part 1: Battle of Ball's Bluff

It was clear that there was some confusion in the McHenry Civil War Round Table's discussion group as to what the subject's parameters involved.

Some interesting comments:

**  The Battle of Ball's Bluff early in the war caused the death of Col. Baker.  This caused an impact on political generals and led to the formation of the Committee On the Conduct of the War.

**  Lee's decision to resign from the U.S. Army.

**  The Anaconda Plan

**  The Emancipation Proclamation destroyed the Confederacy in the eyes of Europe.

**  The U.S. navy was the 13th largest in the world at the outbreak of the war.  It grew to be huge.

**  Fort Sumter

More to Come.  All of Interest.  --Old Secesh

My 20 Most Significant Events Affecting the Civil War-- Part 4: Union Navy

16.  Technology: Mines. telegraph, repeating rifles, railroads.  Even though they had machine guns and submarines, those did not have that big of an impact.

17.  Lack of cooperation from Confederate states and their governors to the central government.  It was a states rights thing, you know.

18.  The Union's population and economy.

19.  The Union Navy's ability to strike whenever and wherever along Confederate coasts and deep into the interior via rivers.

20.  Confederate commerce raiders impact on the North's commerce.  At one point practically swept Northern commerce from the oceans.  Huge increase in insurance rates and reflagging ships to foreign countries.

OK. one more.  21.  The huge growth of the Union Navy.

This Sure Gets You To Thinking.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 533: Trump Places Blame On Both Sides

You'd have to believe that the President of the United States is privy to more information on events than the press and regular people.  In other words, he must know what he's talking about when he says both sides were to blame.  He did a lot better than whoever is the Virginia governor right now when he appeared on TV Saturday and rambled on in that rant he gave.

I am not sure who the female reporter was that kept trying to interrupt the President while he was speaking, but she should be fined or banned from other press conferences until she learns some decorum.  She would have been perfectly at home with the anti-protesters in Charlottesville.

As far as the events in Charlottesville, Trump said, "You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.

He also had it right when he said that the reason the white supremacists were in Charlottesville in the first place was the anti-Confederate hate group's determination to bring down the statue of Robert E. Lee.  He also expressed common cause with with those in the South working to preserve monuments to Confederate leaders and soldiers

Trump said, "This week it's Robert E. Lee.  I noticed Stonewall Jackson is coming down.  I wonder -- is it George Washington next week?  And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after."

Anyone who reads this blog knows of the Black Movement to take down all Confederate symbols.  And, I am sure afterwards they will go after any American who ever owned slaves, including some fairly influential Founding Fathers.  I am not sure what Blacks are going to do about those Blacks in Africa who sold Africans into slavery all those years ago.  Perhaps ban African history or, maybe drop that African-American name they like so much.

How can you honor people who sold Black Africans into slavery?

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Civil War II-- 532: President Again Places Blame On Both Sides-- Part 1

From the August 16, 2017, Chicago Tribune "Trump Unscripted" by Noah Bierman, Washington Bureau.

"What about the alt-left that came charging at the ... alt right?"

"Tuesday, the President forcefully blamed the counterprotesters as well as white supremacist groups for this weekend's deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va., abandoning his scripted condemnation just a day earlier as the neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other racist groups widely seen as responsible."

His initial response on Saturday after the woman was killed by the automobile driven allegedly by a white supremacist was the fault of "many sides."  Of course the alt-left, Blacks and their white minions didn't like that as they wanted the full blame on the protesters.

President Trump's statement Saturday was on the mark.  What happened in Charlottesville was the fault of BOTH SIDES.  Had the alt-left counterprotesters not been there, this would not have happened.  Seeing videos of the savagery, it is clearly evident that both sides were guilty of in-your-face tactics which would only lead to bad results.

And, remember, I am sure there were people there on both sides who had weapons.  It is a wonder it didn't end up a shooting match.

Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 532: No More J.E.B. Stuart High School in Virginia?

From the July 27, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate name may be expelled from Virginia school.  (Falls Church)  (Loss of Win under circumstances.  J.E.B. Stuart High School.   There has been a two-year debate and July 27, there will be a vote to determine the name.

The school opened in 1959 and the name was chosen the previous year during the height of the Civil Rights movement.  It would appear to me that the name was chosen as a slap in the face to the movement and as such I would agree to the renaming.

Also, if the majority of the students are Black, I would support renaming.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 531: Hillsborough County (Fla) Reverses Self and Votes to Remove the Confederate Statue

From the July 25, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Hillsborough County workers survey new site for the Confederate monument.  (Tampa, Florida)  (Loss)  The Hillsborough County Commissioners voted 4-2 to relocate the controversial statue, over 100 years old.  I'd like to know the racial breakdown of the vote.  I am sure black racists and their white minions carried the day.

So sad, too, as they had just recently voted to keep it where it is.  But one black commissioner wasn't happy about it.

Oh, well, another city and county preparing to shame themselves into the lower case.

Let's see how that would look:  (t)ampa   (h)illsborough County.

So Sad, So Sad.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Civil War II-- Part 530: Trump Gets It Right, Both Sides To Blame for Charlottesville

Listening to the radio just now, I heard what President Trump had to say about Charlottesville and he pegged it right.  The blame for it goes to both sides.  The counter protesters were just as bad as the white groups.  Had they not been there, doing their hate tactics, this would not have happened.

Believe me, the Confederate haters are just as bad as any of the radical pro-Confederate groups.

Place the blame for where it belongs-- both sides.

And, then, I heard also that last night a gang of anti-Confederates pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina.  The police were nearby, but to insure no one got hurt or killed, did nothing to stop them.  These people probably were mostly Black and possibly with their white minions, but I haven't seen any pictures of the desecration.

Sure Wish They Would Stop.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 529: Leave Those Confederate Statues Alone!!

Time has come for these Black attacks on Confederate monuments, memorials and statues (also now even markers), to cease.  There are many people being pushed to the limit.  I fear there will be more Charlottesvilles.

I would be willing to accept the desecrations done by statue removals up to now.  Just no more taken down.

Old Secesh

Monday, August 14, 2017

Civil War II-- 528: OK, We Met Yours, Now You've Met Idiots of a Different Bent

And believe me, I hated seeing the KKK, White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis out there.  Their hatred certainly does not reflect my views.

I was afraid something like this would happen.  What would happen when their idiots met our idiots in big numbers.  It happened this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, a real flashpoint for the Second Civil War, the attempt by Blacks and their white minions to erase the Confederacy from history.

I sure hated seeing the idiots carrying the Confederate Flags.  It is hard enough to distance us from their twisted objectives.  And, that just gives the other side ammunition to continue their attacks.  I wish there was some way to make it illegal for them to carry the flag.

I really dislike the KKK, Nazis, white supremacists and white nationalists.  And, I really hate it when they come out as pro-Confederate.  It makes us look bad.

I am hoping that the idiot who drove the car into the Confederate-haters gets full prosecution and even the death penalty.  There was no excuse for that.

But, I am thinking this Confederate-hatred thing is going to become more violent as the Blacks in the NAACP and BLM press home their advantage they've had since the Charleston murders.  I am very moderate when it comes to this, but continue getting madder and madder as each statue comes down.

I mean, the flag attacks were one thing, but this takes it to a whole other level.  This is nothing short of desecration.

They need to stop their attack.  Time for an armistice or cease-fire.  The Blacks have certainly made their slavery point and certainly have driven it home.  I'd be willing to leave it at the statues we've already lost being gone, just no more removals.  If they would just be satisfied with that.  That's not going to happen.

Hopefully, we won't reach the point where we have to do something about all the MLK memorials and roads named for him or the Union soldier statues in public places in the North as both have things to be ashamed of.  But, if the Confederate statues all come down, so should these.

If Removal Is Based on Offended, Then It Should Go Both Ways.  --Old Secesh

Can't Find My The Second Civil War: The Confederacy Under Attack...Again Blog

OK, Saturday, I, against my better judgement, started yet another blog.  With seven blogs already, really the last thing I needed.

But, I am thinking that I am getting too much into this new Civil War, this one to erase the Confederacy from history, in this blog.

As I have said before, I'd much rather be writing about the original Civil War, but I can not stand by and let the good name of the Confederate soldiers be besmirched by this black and their white minions hate campaign.

Surely, the Confederacy was partly there for the continuation of slavery (even though Lincoln would have allowed the horrible institution to continue as long as the states stayed in the Union), but there had to be other reasons why they fought since most soldiers did not have slaves.

Anyway, since Saturday, I have tried to find the new blog but with no luck.

Maybe I'll Try Again At Some Other Time.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 527: (r)ockville and (m)ontgomery County, Maryland Shame Selves

From the July 24, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  (r)ockville Confederate Statue Removed.  ((m)ontgomery County, Md.)  (Loss)  It was a 13-ton statue in place for over 100 years.  The county, for its shame, paid $100,000 to have it removed to White's Ferry.

The reasoning for its removal was that it only honored the Confederate soldiers of the county.  My answer to that is that they should have put up a Union monument and one to honor slaves, but leave the Confederate one.

Another City Joins the List of Shame.  Another Place I Won't Be Visiting Soon.  --Old Secesh

Friday, August 11, 2017

My 20 Most Significant Events Affecting the Civil War-- Part 3

11.  Placing John Bell Hood in charge of the Army of the Tennessee.

12.  The large number of Southerners who did not support the Confederacy.

13.  Lincoln:  The ultimate politician and the Right man at the Right Time.

14.  Loss of Confederate ports and, to an extent, the blockade.

15.  The breakdown of the Confederate transportation system.

--Old Secesh

Why Did Alexander Gardner Move Soldiers' Bodies For His Civil War Photographs?

From the December 2014, Smithsonian "Ask Smithsonian."  Question from Charlie Ian of Los Angeles, California.

Gardner was seeking to create dramatic tableau of the aftermath of battle.

The best known of his "manipulations" was the so-called Rebel sharpshooter at Devil's Den at Gettysburg, for which he moved an ordinary soldier's corpse some distance to a nook in the rocks to give him the status of a sharpshooter.

In effect, he created a narrative about an individual; it was his way of coping with the mass, anonymous casualties of modern warfare.

Now,we justifiably deplore this as an affront to historical fact.

David G. Ward, senior historian, National Portrait Gallery.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Civil War II-- 526: Other Universities Get In On the Anti-Confederate Thing

Continued from the previous post.

Yale University renamed a residential college honoring United States Vice President and slavery proponent John C. Calhoun.

Earlier this year, the University of Oregon changed the name of a residence hall honoring KKK leader Frederick Dunn.  Read the Wikipedia article about him.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 525: And Now, Oregon State University

From the July 23, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Oregon State debates buildings with controversial namesakes.  (Oregon)  (Loss)  And, of course you know what the "controversial" is all about.  The "C" word, you know.  And, of course, the "S" word.

This is all against people accused of having racist ideas,  Excuse me, I forgot the "R" word.  It is OK to be a Black and a racist, but not to be White and a racist.  That is another of the "N" word things, you know.  OK for one group to be it or say it.  Not OK for another group to say it or be it.

**  The Arnold Dining Center was named for Benjamin Arnold, the 2nd president of OSU.  He was a former Confederate soldier and required students to wear a gray uniform.

**  Avery Lodge named for Joseph C. Avery, founder of the city of Corvallis, where OSU is located, and ran a pro-slavery newspaper.

**  Benton Hall  The article didn't mention who it was named after and I couldn't find him either.  Benton hall is the oldest building on campus and the original administration building.

**  Gill Colesium was named for Armory "Slats" Gill, former basketball coach accused of segregating his team.

People That Important In Your History and a Big reason You Exist At All..  Ridiculous.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 524: Black Caucus of Elected Officials-- Just Imagine If There Was a White Caucus

From the July 23, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Why black leaders from across the nation are teaming up in Biloxi.  (Mississippi)  The Mississippi Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials.  Of course, anti-Confederate hatred will be a big thing.

Imagine what they would call it if we had a Mississippi White Caucus of Elected Officials.

Do you think they'd say that was RACIST?

You Betcha.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Civil War II-- 523-- Part 2: Black-On-Black Crime a Bigger Issue Than Confederate Statues

"My point is that history is history, and it should be left alone.  It should be studied, and the actions of 16th century men and 13th century Aztecs should be understood in proper context.

"Finally, it would be a lot more valuable if we devote our time and energy in fighting black-on-black crime in our communities or improving public schools."

Or, I might add that we should be trying to do something about the horrible problems of the inner city that lead to all the murders and crime.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 523-- Part 1: What About Blacks Selling Other Blacks Into Slavery in Africa?

From the July 23, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Dallas and the latest insanity of removing Confederate symbols.  (In the American Thinker by Silvio Canto, Jr.)  (Win)

Wants to preserve history and the name.  Most Confederate soldiers did not own slaves.  Their service should be honored, especially men like Lee who fought in the U.S. Army before the war.

And this point he made was key.  All references to African history should also be eliminated if that is to be done to the Confederacy.  BECAUSE they were the ones who CAPTURED Blacks and SOLD them into SLAVERY.

He mentions that in the Nov. 18, 2009, in the Guardian, African chiefs should be made to apologize for the slave trade.  Just try to get any of our Blacks to admit the role their ancestors had in slavery.  That is not likely to happen.  To them, black slavery was entirely a white thing.  No Blacks had anything to do with it.

(White European and Northerners from the United States would come to the west coast of Africa and buy Blacks from the Blacks.  Very rarely did they go into the interior.  Why would they?  It was dangerous and they had all the slaves they needed right on shore thanks to the other black tribes.)

He goes on to talk about the Aztecs in Mexico because they had slaves, raped women and were active in human sacrifice.  Because of this, should we stop any reference to Mexican history.

He Sure Made Some Good Points and There Are More..  --Old Secesh

The Sultana Disaster at MCCWRT Tonight: One of the Biggest Crooks in the Union Army, Ruben Hatch

Tonight's presentation of the McHenry County Civil War Round Table will be at the Woodstock Public Library in Woodstock, Illinois, from 7 to 9 p.m..  The library is located at 414 W. Judd Street.

Gene Salecker will present "Ruben Hatch:  Sultana Boarding Agent in Vicksburg for Prisoners Coming Home."

On April 24, 1865, the steamer Sultana left Vicksburg carrying as many as 2,100 released prisoners from Andersonville and Cahaba along with 100 civilian passengers and a crew of 85.  The ship was extremely overcrowded carrying nearly six times over its 376 capacity.

At approximately 2 a.m. on April 27, nearly 7 miles north of Memphis  it blew up.

Lt.Col. Ruben Hatch and other officers and businessmen are responsible for what is called "The Worst Maritime Disaster in American History."

--Old Secesh

Monday, August 7, 2017

McHenry Civil War Round Table Meeting Tuesday: Ruben Hatch and the Sultana Disaster

The monthly meeting of the McHenry Civil War Round Table will take place this Tuesday, August, 8 at the Woodstock Public Library, 414 Judd Street (just off the historic Woodstock Square) from 7-9 p.m..

Gene Salecker will make a presentation on Ruben Hatch:  Sultana Boarding Agent in Vicksburg for Prisoners Returning Home."

On April 27, 1865, the seriously overloaded Steamship Sultana exploded killing at least 1,192 passengers, mostly just-released Union prisoners of war, many from Andersonville.

--Old Secesh

Fort Fisher in My RoadDog's RoadLog Blog

These past two months I have been writing about my trip to Fort Fisher, North Carolina, back in January of this year.

Look in the Blog I Follow section and hit RoadDog's RoadLog Blog and look for the "N.C. Jan. 2017" headlines or just hit the label of one of them.

--Old Secesh

My 20 Most Significant Events Affecting the Civil War-- Part 2: Army-Navy Cooperation

6.  Union Army-Navy Cooperation

7.  The Emancipation Proclamation  It didn't really free any slaves, but went a big way to keeping England and France out of the war.

8.  Egyptian/Indian (India) cotton replaced Southern cotton.

9.  Collapse of Confederate money and finances

10.  Loss of the Mississippi River

--Old Secesh

Saturday, August 5, 2017

My 20 Most Significant Events Affecting the Outcome of the Civil War-- Part 1: Enlisting Black Soldiers

On July 29 our Mchenry County Civil War Round Table discussion group met at Panera Bread in Crystal Lakem, Illinois, with this as the topic of the day.

Interesting topic and some interesting ideas as to the significant events.

I took about 15-20 minutes to come up with my own list off the top of my head.

Here they are:

1.  Enlisting blacks in the Union Army/

2.  Northern industry superiority/ Southern industry's inadequacies and lack of

3.  Collapse of the Southern will to fight as the war progressed

4.  Advances in Naval architecture:  ironclads, turrets, steam power and bigger guns.

5.  Special-use warships (ferry boats and double enders) special-built blockade runners.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 522: Caddo Statue and New HBO Show 'Confederate'

From the July 18 and 21, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Meeting being held tonight to recommend future of Caddo's Confederate monument.  (Shreveport, Louisiana)  I am sure this will be a Loss)

**  'Confederate' team knew backlash was coming.  HBO creating new series by 'Game of Thrones' people.  Of course, there WILL be some people completely against this show.  In this show, the Confederacy is independent and still has slavery.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 521: War Has Been Declared on Confederate Statues

From the July 18, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Local artist selling "Commemorative" Confederate Statue Coin.  ((n)ew (o)rleans)  (Win)  They cost $25 and are of the statues removed.

**  Should a monument honoring Confederate soldiers in Bradenton be removed?  (Florida)  (Loss)

**  Majority of Hillsborough commissioners now support moving Tampa's Confederate statue.  (Loss)  So sad. Another city flirting with shame and lower case as well as my boycott.

Let's See How It Will Look.  (t)ampa.  --Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 520: Still Going After Those Confederate Statues

From the July 14-17, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Buccaneers do the right thing by supporting removal of Confederate Monument.  (Tampa, Florida)  (Loss)  First the Tampa Bay Rays and now this.  I tell you, we can't get NO respect.

**   Time to talk about Confederate statue.  (Manatee County, Florida)  (Loss)  Talking about removing the statue erected June 3, 1924, by the Judah P. Benjamin Chapter UDC,   No talk about Confederate statues is going to turn out well for us.

**  Hillsborough County Considering Removing Confederate Statue.  (Tampa, Fl.)  (Loss)  And they had earlier voted to keep it.

I Tell You, We Just Can't Win.  --Old Secesh

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What's the Latest Murder Count in Chicago?

From the Hey Jackass Illustrating Chicago values site.

Killed and Wounded for July 2017:  70 killed, 355 wounded

Killed and Wounded for This Week 7/30-8/5:  3 killed, 40 wounded

Killed and Wounded for 2017 so far:  384 killed, 1834 wounded.  Kind of looks like after-battle casualty reports.  What is this?  The Battle of Chicago?

The three most murderous 'Hoods are Austin, North Lawndale and Englewood.  All of these are black neighborhoods.

Most of the murdered and wounded victims are Black.  Most of the shooters are also Black.

No Confederate statues, monuments or memorials are suspects according to the police.

And Yet, the NAACP Is All Hot and Bothered About Any and All Things Confederate.  Looks To Me Like Their People Killing and Shooting Each Other Should Be More of a Problem Than Confederate Flags and Statues.  --Old Secesh

And, Meanwhile, the Body Count in (n)ew (o)rleans for 2017

From the (n)ew (o)rleans Murder Map site.

Killed so far in 2017:  106.

Killed in 2016:  175

Again, these numbers are nowhere near those posted by Chicago, but Chicago is a much larger city.

Interesting to note, most of these people murdered are Black.

Also interesting is the fact that not a single Confederate monument, statue or memorial is suspected of doing the killings.

Oh, Wait a Minute, They Have All Been Taken Down.  That's A Pretty Good Alibi.  --Old Secesh

Meanwhile in My Civil War Naval Blog, Running the Blockade: Shaw's Sword and the Junior Reserves and Confederate Conscription

The last week I have been writing about the discovery of Col. Robert Gould Shaw's sword in my Naval blog.  He, of course, was the commander of the famous 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, the Union Army's first black regiment who performed so honorably at Fort Wagner in Charleston Harbor in 1863.

He was killed leading his men and his sword taken and later returned  to his family and then "lost" for many years until being found in a family member's attic.

Even though he was leading an Army regiment, I am writing about his sword in my naval blog because it involved a coastal fortification.

Yesterday, I also posted about the North Carolina Junior Reserves and Confederate conscription in the naval blog.  Even though this is primarily an army thing, since the Junior reserves were at Fort Fisher, I am writing about it there.

--Old Secesh

Civil War II-- 519: What To Do With Georgia Counties Named After Confederates?

From the July 13, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Terry Dickinson:  As Confederate statues are moved, Georgia county names will stand.  (Win)  Since there has been no black effort to change the names.  But, sadly, now that it has been brought to their attention....

Counties with Confederate names:  Toombs (Robert), Stephens (Alexander) and Hill (Ben).  There is a Lee County, but that was named after Robert E. Lee's father, a Revolutionary War hero.  But since he fathered a Confederate, I suppose his name will have to go as well.

Perhaps this will become the NAACP's next great effort to erase history.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Civil War II-- 518: What to Do With Those Pesky Slaveowners Who Weren't Confederate

From the July 12, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

((++**  What should we do to slaveholders who weren't Confederates?  (Loss)  that would be Jefferson, Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe.

A total of 12 United States presidents owned slaves.

**  Texas Medal of Honor plaques to replace Confederate at courthouse.  (Bexar County)  (Loss) The Confederat memorial is between the Destin Reserve Justice Center and the Bexar County Courtyeu.

--  RoadDog

Mort Kunstler's Civil War Events for August

August 5, 1864--  The Battle of Mobile Bay

August 9, 1862--  The Battle of Cedar Mountain

August 10, 1861--  The Battle of Wilson's Creek

August 17, 1862--  Uprising of Sioux Indians

August 21, 1821--   Gen. William Barksdale, CSA, born

August 28, 1861--  Fort Hatteras falls

August 29-30, 1862--  Second Battle of Bull Run

--Old Secesh

Mort Kunstler's Civil War Calendar, August 2017: Rendezvous With Destiny-- Gen. John Buford at Gettysburg


Gen. John Buford at Gettysburg, June 30, 1863.

Robert E. Lee's Army  of Northern Virginia was converging on strategically located Gettysburg, and so was the Union army.

On June 30, the day before the battle began, Union General John Buford arrived in the town.  Realizing the Southern army was nearby, Buford rushed his cavalry through town to set up defensive positions on the ridges west of Gettysburg.

Buford's choice of "good ground" enabled the Union to prevail on the war's greatest field of battle.

You see Buford mounted with his escort galloping at full speed through the town of Gettysburg.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

General John Henry Winder, CSA-- Part 2; Andersonville, a Family Affair

His son Sidney was selected to find a suitable location for a new prison to relieve the overcrowding at Libby and Bell Isle prisons in Richmond.  Sidney selected Andersonville because it was near a railroad and he had information that the location had a "large supply of beautiful water,"

The general's nephew, Richard Winder was given command of the prison's construction.

General Winder died at the Confederate military prison in Florence, South Carolina, of a heart attack in 1865.

Had he not died, very likely he would have had to stand trial for Andersonville.  "In all probability, the responsibility for conditions at Andersonville should fall on the Winder's shoulders as much as on Captain Wirz."

--Old Secesh

General John Henry Winder, CSA-- Part 1: Commander of Confederate Prisons

This last Monday, July 24, I wrote about Salisbury, Maryland, wanting to take down a marker to John Winder, a Confederate general.  It was erected by the Maryland Civil War Centennial Commission in the 1960s.

I wasn't sure I had ever heard of this general before, but it turns out I had.

From Andersonville National Historic Site.

General John Henry Winder

West Point graduate, served during the Mexican War.

Resigned his Federal commission in April 1861 and joined the Confederate Army where he was appointed provost marshal and put in command of Union prisoners in Richmond.  Late commanded all prisons in Alabama and Georgia. and for a time made his headquarters at Andersonville.

--Old Secesh

Some Interesting Facts About the NAACP

From the Free Dictionary.

When double checking on what NAACP stood for, I came across some interesting facts about the organization.

**  It is the largest and oldest Civil Rights organization and based in Baltimore, Maryland.

**  Its main goal is the elimination of racial discrimination.  (Now it seems to be the eradication of all things Confederate.)

**  It grew out of the Springfield, Illinois, race riots of August 1908.  That's right, Abraham Lincoln's hometown and the capital of what is considered a Northern state.  And they had a race riot.  It fought with the Union during the Civil War.  Who'd have figured?

**  It came about because of white people and in its early years its leadership was largely white.

I Sure Wish They Would Get Back to Working Against Racial Discrimination And Leave the Confederacy Thing Alone.  They Have Much Bigger Problems To Deal With.  --Old Secesh