Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Civil War's Scots-- Part 2

Robert Livingstone, son of Scottish missionary Dr. David Livingstone (Of Dr. Livingstone, I presume)=fame), was living in America under the name Rupert  Vincent at the time of the war.  He was in his early 20s and was press-ganged into Union service.

Brothers James and Alexander Campbell fought on opposite sides.

Glasgow-born Marian McKenzie disguised herself as a man and served three years in various regiments like the 23rd Kentucky Infantry and 92nd Ohio Infantry.  Whenever she was discovered, she would be thrown out of the Army, only to enlist in another regiment.

Bennett Burley, also known as Burleigh, was born in Glasgow and served in the Confederate military.  He participated in the Philo Parsons Affair, a failed bid to free Confederate prisoners.  He returned to Britain after the war and later became friends with Winston Churchill.

William Wallace Would be So Proud.  --Old Secesh

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