Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 99: Bowdoin College in Maine Drops Its Jefferson Davis Award

Confederate Flags in the Illinois Valley.  (Illinois)  (Win)  Can be seen flying from homes, stickers on vehicles and even in front of businesses.  The writer seemed to dislike the idea.

Bowdoin College Ends Confederate Heritage Award Like many Still Offered by U.S. Service Academies.  (Maine)  (Loss)  Hey, if they don't want it, we'll find someone else who will.  However, are there any Southern colleges left that would accept them.  I doubt it.

The award was given by the UDC.  The school will return the endowment funds.  The Jefferson Davis prize was established in 1972 at Bowdoin.

But, all five U.S. service academies continue to offer UDC scholarships:

The Lee Award is offered at the USMA for systems engineering.

The USNA and US Merchant Marine Academies offer an award in the name of Matthew Fontaine Maury.

The USCGA offers the Admiral Raphael Semmes Award for applied science.

--Old Secesh

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 98: Ole Miss Secedes from Mississippi

From the Oct. 26, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

I rarely see anything about this ongoing confrontation which has reached a new level since the June Charleston murders, but it sure is continuing.

Ole Miss removes state flag with Confederate symbol.  (USA Today)  (Loss)  This was by student, teacher and administration decision.  If this is not a step toward secession, I don't know what it is.  Hey, that's what the Confederacy did.  Perhaps state aid should be cut off.

Of course, the sad thing here is that one might expect Southern colleges to support their heritage, but they don't.  Same with a whole lot of Southern people and governments at all levels.  And the same goes for the justice system.  It is one thing to find opposition among blacks, which is to be expected, and Northerners, but when we're getting stabbed in the back by our own?  There is no way we can win this fight against these odds.  We can just hope to delay and perhaps start finding things of the other side that offend us and start demanding their removal.

--Old Secesh (or Should I Say "Ole Miss?)

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 97: UNC Students Get Ugly

From the Oct. 26, 2015, Google Alerts for Civil War in North Carolina.

Students get vulgar, aggressive in protest of Confederate heritage rally at UNC.  (win)  (The College Fix)

Two Confederate heritage groups holding the rally by University of North Carolina's Silent Sam (which has been vandalized a lot of late) were confronted by twice as many students (about 175-75).  The protesters were there to break up the rally and chanted loudly while the Confederate supporters listened to speakers.  The protesters booed, screamed and even had musicians to disrupt the proceedings.  They yelled such as "F*** Your Flag and Go To H***,"  "F*** You!" and "F*** Your Ideology."

So, we see both sides can behave badly.  We certainly have our complement of "idgits."  But, I am not surprised to see this happen.  Tensions and anger are mounting on both sides.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 96: Black Man Defends Confederate Flag

From the Oct. 25, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Black man at Carson event defends Confederate Flag.  (Win)  (Ames, Iowa)  At a Ben Carson book signing.  B.C. Johnson is black and had a Confederate Flag symbol on his finger and two large Confederate Flags on his truck..  He says the war was fought for states rights and freedom from the U.S. government.  Something you would not expect.

Discussion about Confederate symbols reverberate.  (Athens, Georgia)  (Draw)

Confederate Flag insults nation and military.  (Waterman (NY) Daily Times)  (Loss)

Ole Miss Flag Confederate Emblem Sparks Removal protest.  (Loss)  Some want the Mississippi state flag removed from campus.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 95: Flying the Flag at Talladega

From the Oct. 24, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Northeast Schools Haunting Confederate Past.  (The Daily Beast)  (Win) An alumnus of Walpole High School in Massachusetts flies Confederate Flag on property next to school.  At South Burlington High School in Vermont, the community decided to keep its "Rebel" nickname.  Both schools embraced Confederate iconography in the 1960s.

State Lawmaker: Replace Statue of Confederate General in D.C..  (Loss)  The statue is that of Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith and stands in the National Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capitol.  Each state gets two statues and this is one of Florida's.    Representative Jose Diaz, (R-Miami) wants this.

Hanging dummy alongside Confederate Flag stirs controversy.  (The Ada News, McAlester, Oklahoma)  (Loss)  Owner says it is a Halloween decoration.  It really isn't, we know what he is alluding to.  That is nothing to be proud of.

Talladega tailgaters react to popular use of Rebel Flags.  (Alabama NASCAR race track)  (Win)  Lots of Confederate Flags being flown.  Some say even more than usual.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 94: How to Deal With Confederate Rally

From the Oct. 23, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Confederate Flag supporters criticize ballot summary  (Jackson, Mississippi)  (Win)  Putting Mississippi's state flag to a statewide public vote.  This would be the correct way of solving the impasse.  It was voted on before and retained.

Controversy Stirs Over Planned MLK Tribute.  (Stone Mountain, Georgia) (Draw)

Letter: How to handle the pro-Confederate rally.  (Daily Tarheel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  (Win)  Calls for peaceful confrontation and to respect their rights.  Of course, here the newspaper was figuring that all students would be anti-Confederate.

Democrat who fought Confederate emblem may go to prison.  (Georgia)  (No Call)

Letter:  Removing Confederate Flag from seal disrespectful of history.  (Florida)  (Win)  Criticizing state senate for removing Confederate Flag from their seal.

Watch:  Woman Told To Move Car With Confederate Flags From Hospital.  (Nashville, Tennessee)  (Loss)

Biesenbach: Sons of Confederate Veterans show their true colors.  (Betsy Biesenbach, Roanoke Times, Virginia)  (Draw)  About the removal of Creed Holland's SCV memorial (he was black but served in a Virginia regiment).  His descendants agreed to the Confederate memorial in 2002.  Three of his great grandsons joined the SCV.  The Holland's now claim that the SCV did not tell them about the slavery angle.

--Old secesh

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 93: Did Ole Miss Secede from State?

From the October 22, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Bowdoin College drops award honoring Confederate president.  (Maine) (Loss)

School Board To Draft Policy Banning Confederate Flag.  (Montgomery County, Virginia.  Those good folks from Christiansburg) (Loss)  It will ban all clothing, emblems, decals and jewelry representing the Confederate Flag.  Time to start our list of what offends us so they will also have to ban these things.

Confederate rally to defend UNC's Silent Sam coming to Chapel Hill.  (North Carolina)  (Win)

Ole Miss vote latest shot fired in the Mississippi long-running flag battle. (Loss) The student senate voted 33-15 Tuesday to ask Ole Miss to keep the flag off campus.   Isn't this a form of secession?

The Hurtful Confederate Flag at Harvard.  (Loss)

Pro-Confederate Flaggers want to rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia.

--Old Secesh

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 92: Change Confederate Names to Asian-American?

From the October 21, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Ole Miss student senators take on state flag for its Confederate imagery.  (Mississippi)  (Loss and it is a Southern college which makes this a double loss.)  Guess whether they were for or against it?

Tennessee County votes no on Confederate Flag.  That would be Greene County which was considering raising the flag.  Backed down due to pressure.  (Loss)

Arkansas capital renames street long known as Confederate Boulevard.  (Loss)  Now named Springer Boulevard.

Montgomery County school board looks to expand policy banning Confederate symbols.  (WSLS Virginia)  This is the good folks at Christiansburg High School.  (Loss)  I know of people who do not like Christians.  Maybe they should now consider changing the name of the town and high school.  Mustn't offend anyone, you know.

If Schools Drop Confederate Names, Would District Consider Asian-American Names As Replacements?  (Austin, Texas)  (Loss for changing names, but opening up a "(w)hole" can of worms here.)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack...Again-- Part 91: The North Did It Too

From the Oct. 20, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Remove Confederate symbols, but don't blame South for slavery.  (By Gregory J. Wallance on The Hill Blog)  (Win)  Everyone should read this as it tells the rest of the story.  The North was just as guilty as the South for slavery.  Benjamin Franklin owned slaves and slaves were once auctioned in Philadelphia and New York City.  He did not mention, however, who sold Africans into slavery in the first place.

City selects language for Confederate fountain and sign, rejects disclaimer.  (Helena Independent Record, Montana)  (Loss) The USC erected in in 1916 and the city is considering renaming it.

Confederate Battle Flag Spurs Complaints at Football Game.  (WLOS, North Carolina)  (Win).  Someone complained about it being there but the school said it was protected by the First Amendment.  Finally, someone stands up.

Ex-Army Corps of Engineers Employee indicted after Confederate image put on black co-worker's desk.A woman placed the sticker there and lied about doing it twice.  The case was investigated by the Department of Homeland Security and she could get up to five years in federal prison on each county (of lying).  (Loss)  She shouldn't have done it, but it would seem this has become a case of government overreaction.

--Old Secesh

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 90: Ole Miss Students Vote on State Flag Removal

From the Oct. 19, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Volunteer Rebels?  Tennessee County votes Monday on raising Confederate Flag.  (Greene County, Tennessee) (We'll see if win or loss)

Maryland gets okay to recall Confederate Flag plates, Virginia recall meets defiance.  (Loss and Win)

Making a Home in the Shadow of Confederate Symbols.  (NPR)  (Loss) Upset about a Confederate memorial in front of nearly every courthouse or intersection in the South.

Ole Miss votes Tuesday on Confederate symbol.  (Mississippi) (Win or Loss)  Students are voting on whether or not to remove the Mississippi state flag from campus.  (I'm sure they will vote to remove it.)

Florida Senate to Remove Confederate Battle Flag From Seal.  (Loss)  However, now they should remove all of the flags since every one of the countries have done things in history that are shameful.

Bill Torg At Large: At Stone Mountain, how about a Confederate memorial that tells the truth.  (Loss)

Beauvoir annual fall muster brings up confederate flag discussion.  (Mississippi)  (Draw, perhaps win).  Beauvioir was the postwar home of President Jefferson Davis.  I noticed how the word Confederate wasn't spelled with a capital "C".

--Old Secesh

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 89: Terrorist Threat Charges

From the Oct. 18, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Dueling Debates: Confederate symbolism in Georgia.  (Loss)  Confederate Flag and other symbols inexcusably racist.  Even more sad, this comes from the Red and Black, University of Georgia's student newspaper.

DA: Terrorist Threat Charges Not About Flying Confederate Flag.  This applies to the people arrested for the July 25 incident in Georgia when the whites broke up a black child's birthday party.  They were charged with the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.  (Loss as they never should have done what they did.)

Decision on street name due.  (Probably a Loss.  I am sure they'll change it.))  Little Rock, Arkansas.  Whether or not to change the name of Confederate Avenue.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 88: "No Thank You" to New Va. SCV License Plates

From the October 18, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Confederate emblem a sticky election topic in Mississippi.  (Loss)  (Salt Lake Tribune)

Virginia Ordered Drivers to Turn in Their Confederate Flag License Plates, Here's What Happened.  By Mike Miller.  (Loss and Win)  Loss because of what happened and Win because of response.

As of October 4, 2015, it was illegal to drive a vehicle in Virginia with the old license plate that featured the logo of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Warning letters were sent.  They were also told to return the old plates.  Of the 1,600 drivers who received the letter, only 187 original plates were returned.  Some sent the replacement plates back with a "No Thank You" note.

The Virginia DMV told WAVY that they had asked the SCV for help in designing the new tags, but never heard back.  Of course, they always intended to remove the flag so what difference would it make.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 87: Mississippi State Flag Under Attack

Mississippi flag retains Confederate emblem despite calls for its removal.  (Win)  Remember, though, the state voted on whether or not to keep it awhile back and the vote was to keep it.

Family removes Confederate memorial marker from ex-slave's grave.  (Roanoke Times, Virginia)  (No-call.  It is their choice.)  Rocky Mount, Virginia.  Creed Holland died over 80 years ago.  In 2002, he was honored for service as a Confederate soldier by the SCV.  It is believed that he served as a teamster for the 58th Virginia Infantry Regiment.

This is based on his 1925 pension request whereby he received $8.25 a month.  He never discussed the service with his family.

North Texan Fights HOA To Fly Confederate Flag.  (Eulis, Texas)  (Win). Resident fighting the Harwood Courts Home Owners Association which only allows the U.S. and state flags to be flown.

Wyandotte superintendent says suspensions unrelated to Confederate Flag controversy.  (Southgate News-Herald, Michigan)  (Win)  Three boys were suspended from Roosevelt High School because they posted a photo of themselves in social media in an unauthorized area of the school.  One was making an obscene gesture and one had a Confederate Flag.  Although i am sure the Confederate Flag had the most to do with the suspensions.

UM NAACP rally met with Confederate opposition.  (University of Mississippi)  (Win)  The NAACP is trying to remove the Mississippi state flag from campus because of you-know-what.

Professor convenes roundtable on Confederate symbolism in the 21st century.  (Draw)  (Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, Georgia)

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 86: Confederate Drive to Become Cricket East Drive

From the Oct. 16, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Confederate Flag license plates likely to be recalled in Maryland.  (Loss)  These would by SCV license plates.

Forest Park's 'Confederate Drive' renaming put on hold.  (St. Louis) (Loss) The 600-foot road's name will be changed to Cricket East drive, but one alderman isn't satisfied with that and wants it named for a Civil rights hero.  Also, there is a Confederate memorial paid for by the UDC and erected in 1914 that has been vandalized in the park that there is discussion about moving.

After Confederate Flag battle, South Carolina senator questions Massachusetts banner.  (Win)  The seal shows and Indian standing in surrender with an arm holding a drawn sword ready to strike above his head.  The way I look at it, if things that offend people are found, they should be removed.

Group Will Protest Confederate Flag Resolution.  (Greeneville Tn.Sun)  (Loss)  The resolution in question says that the flag should be flown to honor Tennesseeans who fought for the Confederacy and the flag represents "heritage and history that our country should be proud of."

Country legends Confederate Railroad to play Albany show.  I wonder if they've been under fire for their name?

Bust of confederate statue being removed.  (Vicksburg, Mississippi)  (Not really a win-loss situation at this time.)  I noticed "confederate" was spelled without a capital "C."  The bust is of Confederate General William Walker and it is being removed because of severe erosion.  But, I bet there will be an outcry about its return to the military park because of that Confederate thing.

Praise Steve Spurrier as Conscious of South Over Confederate Flag.  (Loss)  He spoke out against it.  Spurrier was the former coach at the University of South Carolina who resigned (partly because of the losing season they're having).  Of course, this Conscious of the South was earning $4 million plus a year while students and parents are scrambling to afford ever-increasing tuition.

Not the Conscious of the South.  --Old Secesh

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 85: GOP Member in N.C. Removed Because of Confederate Remarks.

From the Oct. 15, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

GOP official could be removed for Confederate remarks.  (WNCN, North Carolina) (Loss)

He once posted a picture of a Confederate Flag and said the South was "Illegally occupied by force, 1865-present.  he also made racially-tinged Facebook posts praising the Confederacy and criticizing blacks who protested against it.

I found out that he was removed from his office.  I think those office-holders on the other side should be removed for making anti-Confederate remarks is this is allowed to happen.  This should apply to both public and private remarks.  Let's be fair about this.

Mayor: Greeneville Town hall Won't Fly Confederate Flag.  (Greenville Sun, Greeneville, Tennessee)
The country is considering flying the flag at the county court house.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 84: Oregon to Take Down Mississippi Flag

From October 14, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Local Confederate group requests county restore holiday.  (Cullman, Alabama)  (Win)

Confederate icon outside Oregon Capitol will come down, but not for awhile.  (Loss)  This would be the Mississippi state flag  The state wants Mississippi to have a chance to do something with their flag before they take it down.

ACLU of Virginia reacts to Confederate Flag controversy at Christiansburg High School.  The group has concerns over the legality of the ban.  (Win)

Confederate Flag-toting Superman nearly pummeled at St. Cloud State. (Texas)  (Loss)  The guy is referred to as a sidewalk fixture and has been there touting various causes for the past 20 years.  Sort of the town idiot.  Not in out best interests to have this guy espousing the cause.

--Old secesh

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 83: Civil Rights Groups Oppose King Monument on Stone Mountain

From the October 14, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Civil rights groups oppose King monument at Confederate site.  (Win)  USA Today.  The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (co-founded by MLK) and two branches of the Georgia NAACP have come out against it.

Maryland students told to remove Confederate Flag clothing.  (Loss) CBS News, Brunswick, Md. Two students.

Greene County could soon fly Confederate battle flag.  (Win) Knoxville News-Sentinel, Tennessee.

Members of pro-Confederate group indicted in Georgia.  (Draw)  They should not be indicted for terrorism, but for an overt racist action.

--Old Secesh

Friday, October 16, 2015

Frank Crawford Talks About His New Book "In the Shadows of Lincoln"-- Part 3: William Duff Armstrong

Continued from September 15.  I will sure be glad when all these attacks on the Confederacy tone down as this is what I would really rather be doing.

Crawford has written two books and has them with him for sale at $20 each, a considerable savings over Amazon which is $35.

He chose twenty men who had something to do with the assassination and death of Lincoln.  Some had bigger roles, others smaller.  They did something heroic or significant and he extensively researched each one.  This is the kind of Civil War history I can really get into.

Crawford spent a lot of time talking about the problems of writing a book.  Very insightful.  But, back to the book, he wondered what happened to the soldier who let John Wilkes Booth and David Herold out of the city.   What happened to the man?  Who was he?.  Who was the man who fought off the attack on Seward that night and what happened to him.

And, who was the man standing under Mary Surratt when she was hanged?  This man had been wounded at Petersburg where he lost a finger.  He had recovered, but been placed on Veteran Reserve Corps and chosen to be a knocker at the hanging.

Then there was William Duff Armstrong and before the war Lincoln had gotten him off in the Almanac Trial.  That was in 1858.  According to Mr. Crawford, William Armstrong was a two-time Union deserter and the second time he was sentenced to hand, but his mother wrote a letter to Lincoln who interceded and got him discharged from the military.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 82: Tennessee County Considering Flying Confederate Flag

Google Alerts for Confederate from October 13, 2015.

Georgia Parks Martin Luther King Proposal Draws Criticism From Confederate Group.  (Win).  The group opposing it is the Georgia Division of the SCV.  But one member of the NAACP suggested that the carvings of the Confederate leaders be removed by sandblasting on Georgia's Stone Mountain.  But state laws says no to that.

Future of Durham's Confederate statue draws debate.  (Draw)  Durham, N.C.

Confederate Flag's history, future debated at Mont Alto.  (Draw)  Pennsylvania.

Greene County to consider flying the Confederate Flag.  (Win) WBIR, NBC, Tennessee.

Sons of Confederate Veterans oppose monument to 'Michael Luther King Jr?  Wait, What?  (Win)  But, one comment to article said Michael was the name he was born with and later changed it to Martin.  Wikipedia says Michael was both his and his fathers's name, but that his father attended a meeting in Germany in 1934 and was impressed with the work of Martin Luther and changed his and his son's name to Martin.  (I didn't know that.)

UNC students protest 'Silent Sam' Confederate statue. (Loss)  North Carolina

Plan to honor MLK at Confederate monument draws fire from both sides.  (Win)

--Old secesh

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 81: Anti-Confederate Movement Expands to Redskins and Christopher Columbus

From the October 12, 2015, Google Alerts fro Confederate.

California to ban 'Redskins' for school sports, keep Confederate building names.  Can name parks and building for Confederate heroes.  Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to eliminate Redskins" name, but no the one about removing Confederate names.  He said the removal of the names was overdue, though.  (Win)

As Confederate Flags Fall, Columbus Statues Stand Tall.  (Draw)  Last year the Lancaster, New York, school board removed "Redskins" from its high school sports teams.  But the Columbus statue in Buffalo was recently vandalized.

Like the anti-Confederate movement, the anti-Redskin movement has  been underway for quite some time.  Also, many Indians do not like Christopher Columbus for obvious reasons.  I can agree with them.

Looks like there is now some carryover from all this Confederate hate.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 80: A "Terrorist" Action?

From Oct. 10, 2015, Yahoo! News!

This has become a real big story in the last several days.

Confederate Flag Supporters Charged With Terrorism After Storming Black Child's Birthday Party.

This took place in Georgia on July 25th.  Now, this is the worst possible headline and story for our side.  (LOSS!!)  This was the first I'd heard of it, but, like I said, it is all over my Confederate Google Alerts the last two days.

As bad as the other side's attacks have been, this takes the cake and I hope the "Respect the Flag" people accused of terrorism for the incident are prosecuted to the highest extent possible.  I do not, however, regard them as terrorists.  What they did was in very bad judgement and they should be charged with racism, in itself a very serious charge these days.  Perhaps that might keep others from doing something like this.

I only have to wonder how come this story took so long to come to light.  July 25th was a long time ago.  I'd have thought it would have come out immediately.

However, if these attacks continue, incidents like this can be expected.  People are getting mighty mad.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

McHenry County Civil War Round Table Meeting Tonight: "Blackhawk War Veterans in the Civil War"

Tonight at 7 p.m., the McHenry County (Illinois) Civil War Round Table will meet at the Woodstock Public Library and have a presentation by Jerry Allen on "Black Hawk War Veterans in the Civil War."    The Black Hawk War was a short one, fought in 1832.

Abraham Lincoln was in it.  Others who fought 29 years later were also in it.  

I would much have liked to have been at it, but there is something about a game being played this afternoon which will keep me away from it.

Also, the Discussion Group meets at Panera Bread in Crystal Lake from 10 to noon.  The topic will be "Spying and Espionage During the Civil War."

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 79

From the October 11, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederacy.

Sons of Confederate Veterans say they're preserving history, not racism.  (Kansas City Star)  (Win)

Confederate symbolism conversation comes to the Grove.  (Daily Mississippian)  (Draw)

Sons of Confederate Veterans holds Southern Heritage Festival at Columbia headquarters.  (Tennessee)  (Win)

Letter: Most didn't fight Union over slavery.  (Knoxville Tn News Sentinel)  (Win)  It went on to say that most Confederate soldiers were farmers, laborers or landless tenants.  They did not own slaves.  Only 6% of Confederate soldiers owned slaves, mostly officers.  This point is overlooked so often.  Too many people today believe that all Confederates owned slaves.

--Old Secesh

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 78

From the October 10, 2015 Google Alerts for Confederate.

Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor war dead.  (Maryland)  The Maryland Division SCV is holding a ceremony at St, Mary's Cemetery where 3,300 Confederate soldiers are a mass grave.  they were part of the 4,000 Confederates who died at the notorious Point Lookout Prison from 1863-1865.  (Win)

City Seeks Members For Advisory Group On Confederate Memorial And Street Names.  (Alexandria, Virginia)  (Loss)

Obama Oregon Visit:  Confederate Flags, Armed Protesters Greet President's Meeting With Shooting Victims' Families.  (Roseburg, Oregon)  (Loss)  There should never have been anything Confederate there.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 77

From the Oct. 9, 2015 Google Confederate Alerts.

State Senate addresses plan to remove Confederate Flag from it.   (Florida)  Their seal shows five flags that have flown over the state.  (Loss)  OK, go ahead and try to deny that Florida was a Confederate state.

Confederate Flag a no-show at Harrisburg homecoming.  (Loss)  (Illinois)

Confederate Flag clad man disrupts Calgary candidates debate.  (Canada)

--Old Secesh

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 76

From the October 8, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Panel: Remove Confederate Flag From Florida Senate Seal.  (Loss)  The seal shows five flags that have flown over the state.

Committee offers options to explain Confederate fountain.  (Helena., Montana Independent Record)  (Loss)

Speakers address Confederate Flag debate at Montgomery County School Board Meeting.  (Christiansburg, Va.)  (Loss)

Fans React to NASCAR request for Confederate Flags.  (Loss from NASCAR)  (Win for the fans)  Asking fans to trade in their Confederate Flags for U.S. ones.  Offer good at all tracks, but only a few have done so.

Bob Evans employees claim Confederate Flag cost one his job.  (Hillsdale Daily News, Michigan)  (Loss)

Home tagged with racist graffiti, Confederate Flag burned.  (Pueblo, Colorado.) (Loss)  KKK painted on home and mailbox)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 75

From October 7, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

County returns Lenn Park land surrounding Confederate monument back to donor.  Daily Progress, Culpepper Star Exponent.  (Lost/Win?)

Marion commissioners vote to relocate Confederate Flag.  (Ocala, Florida)  (Lost)

Alabama GOPer Who Spoke at Neo-Confederate Event: It's No Hate Group!  (Alabama) (Win)  Speaking at meeting of League of the South)  The next thing you know, the Sons of Confederate Veterans will be classified as a hate group.  (Win)

Public Radio Uses Your Tax Dollars to design a New Confederate Flag.  (Rush Limbaugh)  (Lost, I guess)

School district weighing changing "Rebel" nickname.  South Burlington, Vermont)  (Lost)

Why the Confederate Flag Is Even Dumber Than You Thought.  (  (Win/Loss, considering the source?)

--Old Secesh

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 74

From the Oct. 6, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Group backs student display of Confederate battle flag.  (Ohio)  This group is the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  No big surprise there.  (Win)

Confederate Flag removed in Batesville.  (KARK, Arkansas.  This was outside the Independence County courthouse.

Don't Think That Black Voters Are All Onboard With Mitch Landrieu's Confederate Monument Removal.  (New Orleans.  46& of blacks want them removed.  31% don't.)  (Win) This is a big surprise to me.

Althea Butler: Ivy League Professor Calls Ben Carson a 'Coon' Over His Support of the Confederate Flag.  (Loss or Win or Draw?)

More Than a Flag?  (Harvard Crimson.  I couldn't get this article to come up so not sure if it is win or loss.

Battle flag debate spurs changes to Baldwin County seal.  (Lagniappe Weekly.  Mobile, Alabama? )  Replaced with the Confederate First National Flag.  (Win)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 73

October 4th and 5th, 2-15 Google Confederate Alerts.

'Rebel Ride advocated heritage.  Columbus Dispatch and Commercial.  (Win)  About a motorcycle ride.

Letter: Hornell has no problem with Confederate Flag.  (The Evening Tribune)  (Win)

Confederate Flag controversy continues.  (from the Communique)  (Draw)

The shame of Yale's Calhoun College.  (Confederate connections?)  (Loss)

Poll: Two-thirds of Louisiana voters oppose removing Confederate monuments.  (Win)

Weighty Issues: Erected in era of the Gilded Age, Jim Crow.  Lexington Ky. Herald-Leader.  This is about the removal of the statues of John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckenridge from the grounds of the Old Fayette County Courthouse.  The author says they shouldn't be removed.  (Win)

SG (Student Government) addresses gameday controversy, makes progress on new initiatives.  (Louisiana State University tailgaters like to fly purple and gold Confederate Flags.  The SG is offering to exchange them for a regular LSU flag.  (From the Daily Reveille of LSU)  (Loss)

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 72

From my October 4th and 5th Google Alerts for Confederate.

I sure wish newspapers would prominently mention their town and state up top on their pages.  Otherwise I have to look and sometimes don't find the location.

'Rebel Ride' advocates heritage  The Columbus Commercial Dispatch.  About a motorcycle ride.  (Win)

Letter: Hornell has no problem with Confederate Flag.  The Evening Tribune.  (Win)

Confederate Flag controversy continues.  (Communique)  (Draw)

The shame of Yale's Calhoun College.  (Lost)

Poll:  Two-thirds of Louisiana voters oppose removing Confederate monuments.  (New Orleans)

--Old Secesh

New York City's Defenses During the War-- Part 2

Twice during the early part of 1861, relief expeditions were sent to Major Anderson's troops at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor from  Fort Columbus (Fort Jay).  The Army secretly dispatched troops in the steamer Star of the West the first time but the ship was turned back by the cadets from Charleston's Citadel.  The second attempt resulted in the firing on Fort Sumter and the start of the war.

Once hostilities commenced, Fort Columbus was used as recruitment center and a hospital.

Confederate Major General William H.C. Whiting died of dysentery at the fort in February 1865 while being held prisoner at the base hospital.  He had been captured at Fort Fisher on January 15, 1865 and was the highest-ranking Confederate officer to die as a prisoner of war.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New York City's Defenses During the War-- Part 1

From Wikipedia.

In my Not So Forgotten War of 1812 blog I have been writing about New York City's defensive fortifications during that war.  Two of them, however, have a Civil War connection.

These two fortifications were built to defend from an attack from the sea.

CASTLE WILLIAMS on Governors Island, called East Battery, was used as a center for new recruits in the early part of the war and then had a garrison for defense.  Later it was a a prison for captured Confederate enlisted soldiers.

FORT JAY (FORT COLUMBUS) was also located on Governors Island.  During the war, its armament was seriously upgraded to some of the largest caliber cannons in the North's arsenal, nearly 50 10-inch and 15-inch Rodman guns.

The North Barracks were used to house captured Confederate officers awaiting transfer to Camp Johnson in Ohio, Fort Delaware or Fort Warren in Boston Harbor.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 71

From my Google Alerts for Confederate October 3, 2015.

Proposal Would Erase Confederate Sign From Mississippi Flag.  ABC News  (Lost)

Lakeville South High band Confederate Flag after student argument.  (Minneapolis-Star, Minnesota)  (Lost)

Confederate Flag group rallying for former Hartland firefighter.  (Albert Lea, Minnesota)  He had been suspended for flying the Confederate Flag on department truck in a parade.  (Lost)

WSU to host debate about Confederate Flag displays.  (Post Bulletin, Winona State University, Minnesota)  (Draw)

Hope College students face scrutiny for Confederate Flag display.  (Holland Sentinel, Michigan)  (Lost)

Maryland's state song shows Confederate sympathies.  (Lost)

--Old Secesh

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- 70

From my Oct. 4, 2015 Confederate Fort Alerts.

I am now telling if I consider the Headline as a Win, Loss or Draw.

Poll: Overwhelming opposition statewide to removing Confederate monuments.  (New Orleans Advocate) Regarding removal of Confederate statues in New Orleans.  (WIN)

Judge Dismisses Complaint Against Fort Smith Schools Over Mascot.  (Times Record, Fort Smith, Arkansas).  The school board had had a meeting in which the public was not alerted in a time matter according to the suit in which they retired Southside High School's Rebel mascot and "Dixie" fight song.  Other Confederate monikers like their Dixie Belles drill team, Confederate girls volleyball team and Johnny Reb choir are also to be changed.  (Loss)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 69

Google Alerts from October 1, 2015.

South Carolina took down the Confederate Flag, and suddenly that's a popular decision.  (Washington Post)

Senate could drop the Confederate Flag from state seal.  (Florida)  I looked at it and couldn't find a Confederate Flag on it, or anything that remotely looked like one.

Israeli Flag Flies at Confederate Flag Rally.  (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Rant & Rave: Fly American flag, not Confederate.  (Seattle, Washington)

--Old Secesh

Saturday, October 3, 2015

General Beauregard's Forgotten Civil Rights Campaign-- Part 2: 1873

Continued from September 24, 2015, post.

After the War, P.G.T. Beauregard worked with the Louisiana Lottery and his name and efforts help provide it with legitimacy.

However, largely forgotten was that he was an early proponent of equal rights between races in Louisiana.  He served as an outspoken leader of a short-lived and ultimately failed unification movement.

It was a coalition of prominent blacks and whites in New Orleans who called for integrated schools, public places, transportation and voting rights for black men.  This all occurred two years before Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1875 and nearly a century before the enactment of the 20th Century Civil Rights legislation.

Beauregard served as the group's chairman.  And, he had been a Confederate general, about the last person you'd expect to lead a group calling for the equality of the two races.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 68

Google Alert headlines from September 30, 2015.

Williamson County Commissioners: Confederate statue should stay.  (Texas)

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Johnny Van Zant Discusses New Live release, Confederate Flag.

Confederate Flag stirs mixed emotions on campus.  (Castleton Spartan)

Confederate Flag goes on sale at Wild Bill's.  (Elk Grove, California)  They report they have a hard time keeping the flags in stock.  A sign on their box says "Confederate Flags.  get Them before the Government Says You Can't."  Cost: $19.99.  Several streets in Stockton are named after Confederate figures and will have to have new names by 2017 according to a new state law.

Meaning of Confederate Flag debated:  Does it stand for 'heritage or hate?'  (Union Democrat, Senora, California)

--Old Secesh

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 67: Taking "Racist" Money-- Part 2: The "Unlikely Scholarship"


She agreed that college is expensive and that scholarships help.  "However, I agree that this money is tainted, especially as it comes with the strings of requiring some kind of promotion of the grandness of the Confederacy from its recipients.

"Surely to apply, you have to do more than just give genealogical proof that you are related to someone who fought to keep slavery intact.  You would likely have to write an exam about how you will use your scholarship funds toward the glory of it.

"That would be fraud and you should not engage in it.  Your letter is a reminder of just how many unlikely scholarships there are out there.

"So you and your parents should start researching whether you are eligible for financial help from a source that you can honestly embrace."

I definitely agree with the last sentence and the high school student might further write the organization that was offering the scholarship a letter explaining why she didn't want their money.

Just Goes to Show How Far Our Anti-Confederate Friends Will Go.  The Keeper of the "Unlikely Scholarships."  --Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 66: Taking "Racist" Money-- Part 1

On yesterday's Confederacy Under Attack, I found the headline about the high school student not wanting to take a scholarship from a "Confederate Organization" of somewhat interest, so went to the article in Slate Magazine.  The site was essentially a "Dear Abby" one where advice is given, in this case by Emily Yoffe.

The high school student wrote: "Help! Should I Accept Scholarship Money From a Confederate Organization?  I Don't Want Racist Money!

I think it would imply that I was proud of my Confederate ancestors, which I am not, and that I support this organization, which I don't.  Am I being 'too PC?"

His/her parents had said to take it if she got it.

Actually, I wonder why he/she even bothered to write Emily as her intent is fairly easy to see.  I know our local Chicago area Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #506 at one time offered scholarships to high school students in Illinois of Confederate descent.  I imagine some United Daughters of the Confederacy groups do as well.

Personally, I never donated a single "racist" dollar to any of those scholarships.

Emily Zoffe's Reply in Next Post. Do You Think She Said Yes or No?   --Old Secesh

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mort Kunstler's Civil War Calendar for October 2015

EYE OF THE STORM.  Picture of Patrick Cleburne leading his men into the fighting at the Battle of Chickamauga.

"Patrick Cleburne at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.  Two years after starting his military career as a private, Patrick Cleburne commanded a division in Confederate General Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee.

"Distinguished in command and ability, Cleburne was at the zenith of his career at the time of Chickamauga, where he led his soldiers into a night attack against a strong Union battle line.  Deep in the Georgia woods, Cleburne stood with his men as the muzzle blasts of the rifle fire lit up the faces of the combatants.

"No man could do more to throw the enemy off balance than Cleburne, whom admirers soon called the 'Stonewall Jackson of the West.'"

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 65

Ben Carson: NASCAR Fans Should Keep Flying the Confederate Flag On Private Property.  (Republican presidential candidate)

Va. Flaggers promise to 'pepper the town' with Confederate Flags  (Richmond, Virginia)

Should this new Southern flag replace the Confederate battle flag?  (Picture of it.  On solid white field with inverted red and blue stripes.  Pretty ugly to me.)

Confederate Flag dispute, vandalized mailboxes connected?)  (Benton County, Iowa)

Lloyd:  What of Confederate 'heritage' is worthy of pride?  (The Roanoke Times in Help! Virginia)

Help! Should I Accept Scholarship Money From a Confederate Organization?  (From the Slate Magazine by Emily Yoffe)

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 64

Google Alerts from September 28, 2015.

Confederate Flag suppoters rally in Melbourne.  (Florida)

Police Looking for Confederate Flag Thieves.  (Pennsylvania)

You might not like it, but the kid in the Confederate shirt has free speech rights, too.  Ma=rk Scaring, Pennsylvania)

Berry dismisses inherent racism in statues.  (Kentucky)

Bill would ban Confederate Flag on state property.

--Old Secesh