Friday, April 29, 2016

Proposed Civil War History Center Would Need $15 Million From Local Taxpayers

From the February 12, 2016, Fayetteville (NC) Observer by Andrew Barksdale.

There is a proposed Civil War Center for Fayetteville which will cost $65 million.  The organization is asking Fayetteville and Cumberland County $7.5 million apiece.

This is the first of four fundraisers.  They have raised $6 million so far.

the second phase is on now with a goal of $5 million.  The third phase will involve the money from Fayetteville and Cumberland County.

The North Carolina General Assembly will pay the rest.

Perhaps They Could Just Have South Carolina War Relics Room Move There.  --Old Secesh

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Civil War-Themed Events in Springfield, Illinois for April-- Part 2


April 15, Lincoln Tomb

Honors President Lincoln of the anniversary of his death.  Guest speakers and wreath laying.  Free.


April 24, Lincoln Tomb.

The annual pilgrimage of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to honor President Lincoln.  Involves a walk from Lincoln's New Salem Village to the Tomb.

The Ghostwalk/Legends continues throughout the summer and fall.

Also, starting June 7 to August 30, every Tuesday night, the 114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Civil War performs Civil War drills, firing of muskets and flag-lowering ceremony in front of Lincoln's Tomb.  Plus there will be re-enactors portraying people from the Civil War.

June 11-12 at the Old State Capitol there will be a Civil War Medical Encampment, Springfield's largest outdoor, living history education event.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Civil War-Themed Events in Springfield This April-- Part 1: Ghosts and Death

With such a tie to Abraham Lincoln, it is not surprising that Springfield, Illinois, would have a lot of related events during the year.

Here are the ones listed in the Springfield 2016 Visitors Guide:

LINCOLN'S GHOSTWALK: LEGENDS & LORE--  (From  March 8-Nov. 1)  Downtown Springfield.

This 90-minute, 10-block walking tour uses Lincoln sites as the backdrop for the strange and bizarre history surrounding Lincoln's life and death.  Admission

LINCOLN PRESIDENTIAL HALF MARATHON--  Old State Capitol.  (April 2)  Run where Lincoln walked past Springfield's major Lincoln sites, including his home and tomb.  Admission

SUVCW DEATH DAY PROGRAM--  (April 9)  Lincoln Tomb  A ceremony commemorating the 151st anniversary of President Lincoln's death.  The ceremony starts with a military parade, followed by several speeches, the laying of wreaths and culminates with taps.  Free

SUVCW--  Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


10 Fascinating Facts About Lee and Grant-- Part 1: Of Bluebloods and Names

From the April 9, 2016, Yahoo! News "10 fascinating facts about Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant" by NCC Staff.

1.  Robert E. Lee was among the "bluest of Virginia bluebloods."  The Lee name is important in colonial and early Virginia history.  His father was "Light Horse" Harry Lee, who fought with George Washington and gave the eulogy at Washington's funeral.

2. U.S. grant was not a blueblood.  He grew up in Ohio and his father was not rich.  Grant, however, said, his grandfather fought at Bunker Hill.

3.  The family of Lee's future wife did not think Lee was good enough to marry their daughter.  When Lee announced his intention of marrying Mary Anne Cistis, her father objected because "Light Horse" Harry Lee had fallen on hard times financially.  Mary Ann Custis was Martha Washington's great granddaughter.

4.  Ulysses wasn't Grant's first name.  He was born Hiram Ulysses Grant in Point Pleasant, Ohio.  A mistake made on his application to West Point by the Congressman who nominated him resulted him being listed as Ulysses S. Grant.

--Old Secesh

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 242: Coshocton to Honor Confederate Soldier Despite Protest

From the April 14, 16, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Bill to block removal of Confederate monuments fails in House panel; now what?  (Louisiana)  (Loss)  This would be the only way to prevent removal of monuments anywhere that has a majority black city council and/or mayor.

**  County will honor Confederate soldier, despite complaint.  (Coshocton) (Win)  Finally, politicians not afraid to face black wrath.  Of course, it was a black who complained.

The man complained about the grave of a Civil War Confederate soldier, William Webb, Co. B, 1st Tennessee Cavalry.  He was a POW being transported to an exchange when he fell and died.

You Just Can't Please Some Folks.  --Old Secesh

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Springfield, Illinois' Camp Butler: Union Training Camp, Confederate POW Camp

From the Springfield 2016 Visitors Guide.


Camp Butler was once the site of a Union Army training camp for regiments raised in Illinois.  It later became a Confederate prison.Now, it is a national cemetery for veterans and their descendants.

It was named for Illinois treasurer at the time, William Butler, not Benjamin Butler as I had thought at one time. William T. Sherman helped pick the site.  It was the second-largest training camp in Illinois, after Chicago's Camp Douglas.  By the end of the war, some 200,000 Union troops had passed through it.

More than 25,000 individuals are buried here, including over 1,700 Union and Confederate soldiers.  As many as 700 prisoners died there during 1862 as an epidemic of smallpox and other diseases ran rampant.  There are 866 Confederate graves with a marker placed in their midst in the early 2000s by the Illinois Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.

5063 Camp Butler Road

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 241: Confederate Flag Flap

From the April 14, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate Flag flap costs Meredith man 510 dollars (Win)  He tore down a Confederate flag and pleaded guilty to criminal mischief.  It is too bad that it has come down to this.

**  UM NAACP celebrates Confederate History month their own way.  (Univ. Mississippi) (Win)  Good idea.  I'm sure the Confederacy was not shown in a goof light, but at least they didn't protest against having it at all.

**  Hemming Park Nonprofit Says No Plans To Remove Confederate Statue.  (Jacksonville, Fla.)  (Win).  It's there, has been for a long time.  Learn to live with it or ignore it.

Confederaste Flag Flap (A Great Headline)  --Old Secesh

Thursday, April 21, 2016

North Carolina and Ohio Sites for Park Day 2016

This is an annual event held earlier this month where volunteers were invited out to the sites to do work.  I sure wish one was closer to me as I sure would like to get out and do some good.  It is sponsored by the Civil War Trust.


First Battle of Kinston Battlefield Park
Fort Fisher State Historic Site
Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site
Bennett Place State Historic Site
Asheville History Center at Smith-McDowell House
Fort Branch
Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park


Berlin Heights Battlefield
Johnson's Isle Civil War Prison Site

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Civil War Bell Rings for GAR's 150th Anniversary

From the April 7, 2016, Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle "Civil War-era bell to ring on Saturday."

It was first rung before the Civil War at the Webster Baptist Church.  It will again be rung 15 times Saturday for the 150th anniversary of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).  It is a part of the Bells Across New York event.

The commemoration will be conducted   by the local chapters of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and Daughters of Union Veterans.

The bell was installed in 1857 when the church was built.  When Lee surrendered at Appomattox in 1865 it was rung so hard that it cracked and that crack is still there.

A Real Piece of History.  --Old Secesh

Lincoln and Seward-- Part 6: Dealing With France and Mexico and Accomplishments After Lincoln's Death.

From the  McHenry County Civil War Round Table.

The British, for their part, would stop construction of any "suspicious ship."  It slowed up construction on the ram "Stonewall" to the point that it arrived into Confederate service too late.  The other Laird ram was sold to Egypt.

Then there was the diplomatic problem of the French, with Emperor Maximillian in Mexico.  This was clearly a flouting of the Monroe Doctrine figuring the United States would be too busy with the Civil War to do much about it.

Lincoln and Seward determined that it would fall apart of its own accord and determined to just sit it out and not send troops or put pressure on it.

Their efforts in foreign policy paid off.  No foreign country intervened or ever recognized the Confederacy.

William Seward continued to serve the country after Lincoln's death.  He bought Alaska from the Russians, negotiated a treaty with Nicaragua to build the canal connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  He also established an Open Door policy with China and worked on making Midway Island and Hawaii U.S. territories in the Pacific.

Our speaker had mentioned that Seward was wealthy and even had three slaves before he went to Washington.  I asked what became of the slaves and found out that after New York freed slaves they became house servants.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lincoln and Seward-- Part 5: Foreign Involvement

From the March8, 2016, McHenry County Civil War Round Table.

Seward wanted Lincoln to only make his Emancipation Proclamation after a major Union victory.  There was big fear as to its impact on the border states which still had slaves..  Plus, most Northerners did nor like slaves  There was also a fear of a possible and bloody slave insurrection.

The Russian fleet visiting New York in 1863, was also a political move.  Britain and France were calling for mediation between the Confederacy and the Union.  Mediation might be construed as recognition of the Confederacy.  The Russian fleet signaled their support of the Union.

Another issue between the United States and England were the British-built Confederate commerce raiders of which there were six, the most famous being the CSS Alabama, Florida and Shenandoah.

Seward got a bill to authorize U.S. privateers to stop Confederate ships and even British and French commerce.

--Old Secesh

Chicago's Shootings and Murders Since January 1st

From Hey Jackass!:  Illustrating Chicago Values for April 19, 2016

WEEK IN PROGRESS 4/17 to 4/23

Shot and Killed: 2
Shot and wounded:  30
Total shot:  32
Total homicides:  2


Shot and killed:  20
Shot and wounded:  149
Total Shot: 169
Total homicides:  22


Shot and killed:  152
Shot and wounded:  834
Total shot:  986
Homicides:  172

Most of these statistics involve blacks.  These are the same people who are so against everything Confederate and the police.

Perhaps They Need to Get Their Priorities Straight?  Even Sadder, These Are Just for Chicago.  This To Me Is the Much Bigger Issue.   --Old Secesh

Here's Your Chance to Weigh In On the Confederate Monument Question

From the April 14, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Should Confederate Monuments Stay or Go?  Share Your Thoughts.  Washington Post.

Here you have the opportunity to give your take on this pressing issue.

Go to the site and vote and give your opinion.

--Old Secesh

Monday, April 18, 2016

Lincoln and Seward-- Part 4: A Question of Aristocracy, Cotton and Slavery

Mason Slidell was a strong advocate of slavery and an author of the Fugitive Slave Law.  England was anti-slavery at the time.

However, England viewed the Confederacy as an aristocracy since the rich plantation owners ran most of it.  Pl;us, the U.S. was fast becoming a serious threat to British power and a challenge in democracy.  British commoners generally, however, supported the North.

The Confederacy considered cotton as a vital aspect of getting England's recognition and even put an embargo on it to force its hand.  However, cotton was found from other sources and England textile mills continued operating.

Slavery was the main reason England never recognized the Confederacy.  It had been abolished in the country in 1772 and in the Empire it became illegal in 1833.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 240: Not Much Chance for Us in Mississippi Lawsuit

From the April 12, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate emblem 'anti-American,' judge in flag case says.  (Loss)  Federal District Judge Carlton Reeves in Jackson, Mississippi, says that the flag represents those who fought to leave the United States.  Carlos Moore, a black Mississippi lawyer filed a lawsuit against the state asking to declare the Mississippi flag an unconstitutional relic of slavery.  The judge is also black.  Sure not much of a chance of this not going through.  A fair judge makes a statement like that and it isn't going to be very fair.

Mississippi has had the flag since 1894.  A 2001 referendum voted to keep the flag.

**  Dixie State to reveal new, non-Rebel mascot Monday.  (Dixie State University in Utah)  (Loss)  They have "retired" the old moniker Rebels and their symbol.  They will now be known as the Trailblazers and represented by Brooks the Bison.

--Old Secesh

Friday, April 15, 2016

Death of Lincoln This Date, 1865-- Part 3: Was Mary Surratt a Part of the Conspiracy?


Booth was on the run for twelve days and accompanied by David Herold.  They went to Surratt Tavern in Maryland and got supplies, then to Dr. Mudd's to have Booth's broken leg set and then they went to Virginia.

They were aided by a former Confederate spy and by Confederate sympathizers.  the Union military was hot on their trail and then a person directed them to the Garrett farm where Booth was fatally shot and Herold surrendered.


In a March meeting, Booth and his conspirators developed plans to kidnap Lincoln while he was returning from a play at Campbell Hospital on March 17.  However, Lincoln changed his plans at the last minute and went to a military ceremony.  Then Booth planned to kidnap Lincoln after he left an earlier event at Ford's Theater, but changed his mind after Lee's surrender.


This is still hotly debated.  She definitely was a Southern sympathizer and owned a home in Washington, D.C., that was used as a boarding house and was friends with Booth.  She also owned a tavern in Maryland that she rented.

She was with Booth the day of the assassination and allegedly told the innkeeper she rented to to get a pair of guns ready that night for visitors.  His testimony doomed Surratt to the gallows.  What was controversial was that she was hanged on approval of President Johnson.

--Old Secesh

Death of Lincoln This Date, 1865-- Part 2: Where Was George Parker, Lincoln's Bodyguard?


George Atzerodt was to go to the Kirkwood House hotel where the vice president lived and kill him.  But he lost his nerve.  he had even rented the room above Johnson's and had a loaded pistol.


Assassin Lewis Powell gained entry to Seward's house, where the Secretary of State was recuperating from a carriage accident.  Seward's son, Frederick was seriously wounded defending his father.  William Seward's metal surgical collar protected him.


Hard to imagine just one bodyguard protecting a president in this day and age.  But, Lincoln did have one, John Parker, who initially left his post at the box door to watch the play and then went to the saloon next door for intermission.  This was the same saloon in which John Wilkes Booth was drinking.  No one knows where Parker was during the actual assassination, but he sure wasn't at the door to the box.


It didn't exist then.  However, Lincoln had just signed a bill creating it the night before he was assassinated.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 239: What Was the Rebel Yell? College Students Want to Know

From the April 11-12, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  What's in a name?  What's in a mascot?  (Rebel Yell student newspaper of UNLV, student newspaper since 1955)  Some students even go so far as to believe the name of the newspaper came from a Billy Idol song.  But, it was the yell used by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War (and we all know what they were fighting for.  They would yell "Slave! Slave! Slave!" while running into battle).  The school also has the Hey Reb mascot and are nicknamed Rebels.  Some students obviously want to change all of this.

**  Community members protest Brazos County's Confederate Heritage Month.  (Texas)  (Loss)  And even though they said, "Slavery Bad!!!" in the proclamation.  There just is no pleasing some folk.

--Old Secesh

Thursday, April 14, 2016

President Lincoln Assassinated Tonight, 151 Years Ago-- Part 1: Where Was Grant?

And as bad as this event was on the South, last June's murders in Charleston seems to be just as bad.

From the April 14, 2016, Yahoo! News "10 interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln's assassination" by NCC staff.

1.  WHERE WAS GENERAL GRANT?  --  General Grant wanted to be in New Jersey that night.  he was supposed to go the theater and it had been advertised that he would be there.  But, he went with his wife to New Jersey to visit relatives.  His train started for Burlington at 6 p.m..

2.  LINCOLN ALMOST DID NOT GO TO FORD'S THEATER THAT NIGHT.--  The New York Times reported that Lincoln was reluctant to go, but felt he should since Grant wasn't going to be there.  he had also tried to get House Speaker Schuyler Colfax to go, but he also declined.

3.  IF COLFAX HAD BEEN IN THE BOX WITH LINCOLN THAT NIGHT, TWO PERSONS IN LINE TO SUCCEED LINCOLN WOULD HAVE BEEN IN DANGER.--  Vice President Andrew Johnson was also a target that night, but his assailant lost his nerve and didn't attack him.  Colfax was next in line for the Presidency after the vice president.  The next one after him was President Pro Tempore Lafayette Sabine Foster.  Back in 1865, Secretary of State William Seward would not have been in line of succession.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 238: It Seems That High School Students Are Leading the Fight

From the April 9 and 11, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Virginia High School's Confederate Flag Ban Sparks Flag rally In Protest.  (Bedford County)  (Win)  Stanton River High School in Monten, Virginia.  School administration banned the flags from school parking lot.  Students organized a protest.

It seem strange that it is high school students carrying on the fight for their rights and yet there is so little such activity at Southern colleges, who instead seem to be a bug part of the problem.

**  Oklahoma bill would protect Confederate monuments.  (Win)

What Is Wrong With the Colleges.  --Old Secesh

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lincoln and Seward-- Part 3: The Trent Affair

The Trent Affair really almost turned ugly against the United States when the USS San Jacinto stopped the British ship RMS Trent and took off and arrested Confederate commissioners Mason and Slidell.  England was mortified and this probably came the closest that they ever got to taking overt operations against the country.  Britain demanded the immediate release of Mason and Slidell and an apology.

A break came when British Prince Albert talked Russell's demands down.

Seward's stance was that since the Trent wasn't taken to a prize court.  The British refused to allow Confederate privateers from bringing prizes into a prize court and could not call the Union's blockade ineffective (which it was).

They appointed Charles Francis Adams as ambassador to England which appeased the British somewhat. He was the son of a president and grandson of another and aristocratic, which helped appease the British.

Later, Lincoln quietly released Mason and Slidell.  John Slidell went to France and Mason to England where he was a bad choice and not liked much by the British aristocracy because of his manners.  One thing he did that offended them was chew tobacco and then, worse, spit on the floor.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 237: Condemn Slavery and Then Do Your Confederate Thing

From the April 6-7, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Brazos County Commissioners issue Proclamation for Confederate History Month.  (Texas)  (Win)  Sadly, this will bring the wrath of some people who get their month in February, but we are not allowed to have ours.

**  The Virginia Flaggers seek land for Confederate Flag memorial.  (Win)  Hoist that flag and be proud.  Especially if it drives those who seek to destroy it nuts.

**  Brazos County proclamation condemns slavery, honors Confederate history.  (Texas)  (Win)  Maybe if we condemn slavery before doing something with the flag or Confederacy, our opponents will let us do it without raising too much ruckus.

Maybe Those Bravos Folks Have Hit On Something.  --Old Secesh

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lincoln and Seward-- Part 3: Foreign Relations and a Blockade

Talk given to the McHenry County Civil War Round Table on March 8, 2016.

In his new job as Secretary of State, the early days were intense.  There was the definite chance there might come wars with Spain, France or England, either individually or all together.  Seward went so far as to envision a war against one of these countries being good as it might very well unite the country against a common foe.

At home, Seward wanted Fort Sumter abandoned and Fort Pickens reinforced.  He feared that the undecided Southern states of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia might secede and join the Confederacy if Lincoln reinforced Fort Sumter.

Then there came the question of declaring a blockade on the Confederacy.  A blockade involves international law and implies an act between two belligerents and not an internal insurrection as the Lincoln government deemed it.  The wording of the declaration had to be changed to become a proclamation in the nature of a blockade.  This was one reason that England and France declared their neutrality.

But, Britain declared a process of belligerency in effect, the first step in recognition.

--Old Secesh

McHenry County Civil War Round Table-- Part 2: Lincoln and Seward, Seward Becomes Secretary of State

William Seward's wife, Frances refused to leave home in Albany, New York, so they spent most years corresponding.  William was almost always away from home in his career.

At the 1860 Republican Convention, Seward was considered a shoo-in for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party.  He was definitely very presidential material.  The Republican party was a fusion of Whigs, Western Democrats, Abolitionists, Free Soil and Know-Nothings.  And Seward had made plenty of enemies.

To most, he was too strong in his anti-slavery stand.  The Abolitionist considered him too moderate.  On the third ballot, Ohio's Salmon Chase was offered a position in a Lincoln administration and Lincoln won.

Lincoln was somewhat of a dark horse, but ended up with the nomination.  Seward, not happy, but he manned up and campaigned heavily for Lincoln.  He spoke on Lincoln's behalf in 15 states and territories and Lincoln carried everyone of those except Missouri.

Abraham Lincoln offered William Seward the job of Secretary of State in his new government.  Seward accepted.

--Old Secesh

Monday, April 11, 2016

MCCWRT Presentation-- Part 1: Lincoln and Seward, Far From Compatible

Presentation given March 8, 2016, to the McHenry County Civil War Round Table.

Tom Gavigam used to teach at Roosevelt University and is former president of the Northern Illinois Civil War Round Table and presented a look at Lincoln and Seward.

He described them as quite the Odd Couple in foreign affairs.  They were far from compatible with each other., but eventually became good friends as Seward was Lincoln's Secretary of State.

Seward recommended the suspension of the Writ of Habeus Corpus in the Maryland secession crisis and ran it until Stanton took over in 1862. Many Marylanders suspected of being Southern sympathizers were arrested.

Seward was instrumental in raising the 300,000 troops after McClellan's failed Peninsular Campaign and did so on the sly.

Lincoln's Secretary of State was eight years older than Lincoln and from a prosperous family and even owned three slaves in New York until abolition occurred there.  Seward was college educated (Union College) and had formal law studies as well as considerable political experience, serving as a New York state senator, governor and U.S. senator.

Both Lincoln and Seward loved to tell stories and jokes and both had unusual wits.

--Old Secesh

MCCWRT Meets Tomorrow Night: Topic "Mr. Lincoln's Navy"

The April 12, 2016, meeting of the McHenry County Civil War Round Table will take place at 7 p.m. at the Woodstock, Illinois, Public Library at 414 W. Judd Street.

Fred Reczkowicz will give a talk on "Mr. Lincoln's Navy/"

That would be the Union Navy and I am a big buff of anything Civil War Navy, the Good and the Bad sides, you know.

--Old SeceshNavy

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 236: Bid to Block Monument Removal Fails in Louisiana

From the April 5-6, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  'Heritage Preservation Act' would permanently enshrine Confederate icons, shame.  (Alabama)  (Loss)  A very mean article written by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  No big surprise here.

**  Bid to Block Removal of Confederate Monuments Rejected.  (Louisiana)  (Loss)  The bill to protect them failed to get enough support to advance in the Senate.  No big surprise here.  When we win one, now that is a BIG surprise.

**  Artwork replaces Confederate monument in Reidsville.  (North Carolina)  (Loss).  A Confederate monument stood at the center of the roundabout from 1910-2011 but was knocked down in a car crash.  The SCV failed to get it placed back there, but tried.  The other side sure took advantage of this one.

--Old Secesh

Friday, April 8, 2016

A Black Soldier's Actual Grave Found in Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery

From the March 25, 2016, News Channel 9, ABC  "African American soldier's actual grave found in Confederate cemetery" by Stephanie Santostasi.

The gravestone reads:

"CSA  Shaderick Searcey 1845-1937   Served under masters J.D. and W,K. Searcey  Co. I, 46th Ga. Inf.   Both killed in battle.  Involved with many UCV vets activities."

Mr. Searcey was born a slave in Talbot County, Georgia and was the servant to the two brothers.  he stayed with the Army of Tennessee after their deaths until 1865.

He moved to Chattanooga in 1903.

There was a grave marker, but it wasn't in the correct place.

MCCWRT Meeting March 8, 2016: Business

We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the Woodstock, Illinois, Public Library.

I paid my dues for the next year.

**  There is a new Lincoln Symphony based on Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.

**  If you want to see Max Daniels and his wife's impressions of Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln, you'd better see them soon as they are retiring from the pursuit after this year.

**  We are planning a possible battlefield excursion to New Orleans in November.  I am thinking about going even if they continue to erase their history by removing those Confederate monuments.

**  There was some question as to whether neighboring Lake County Civil War Round Table was still around.

**  Our next two speakers have switched months.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 235: About That Plaque at the University of Mississippi

The plaque the professors have a problem with currently reads:

"As Confederate veterans were passing from the scene (dying) in increasing numbers, memorial associations built monuments in their memory all across the South.  This statue was dedicated by the citizens of Oxford and Lafayette County in 1906.

"On the evening of September 30, 1962, the statue was a rallying point where a rebellious mob gathered to prevent the admission of the University's first African American student.  It was also at this statue that a local minister implored the mob to disperse and allow James Meredith to exercise his rights as an American citizen.  On the morning after a long night, Meredith was admitted to the University and graduated in 1963.

"This historic structure is a reminder of the University's past and of its current and ongoing commitment to open its hallowed halls to all who seek truth and knowledge and wisdom."

I do not see any problems with what the plaque says.  It sets the monument in its historic perspective.

I might have added that a lot of the school's students fought and died for their new country, so it honors them as well.

What is Wrong With Those "Professors?"  --Old Secesh

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Honoring the GAR's 150th Anniversary

I missed it by one day, but yesterday, April 6, marked the 150th anniversary of the Grand Army of the Republic.  It was organized April 6, 1866, and composed of all members of the Union military and Revenue Cutter Service.

Its counterpart was the United Confederate Veterans.

The work of both organizations continue on today by their heirs:  The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and Sons of Confederate Veterans.

From a SCV Member to the Other Side.  Congratulations.  --Old Secesh

150th Anniversary of the Grand Army of the Republic to be Celebrated in New York

From the April 5, 2016, Albany (NY) Times-Union "Oakwood bell ceremony marks 150th anniversary of the GAR."

The Vanderheyden Memorial Bell at Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, New York, will be part of a statewide celebration Bells Across New York this Saturday.  It will be honoring the 150th anniversary of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).

The commemoration will be put on by the Friends of Oakwood Cemetery and the Col. George L. Willard Camp, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW).  The Vanderheyden Bell will be rung for one minute at noon.

Members of the 125th New York Volunteer Infantry re-enactment group will present the flag, ring the bell and fire a musket.

The GAR was formed by Union veterans from the Army, Navy, Marines and Revenue Cutter Service to maintain communication and give veterans a political voice.  It was formed on April 6, 1866, on the principles of "Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty."

The legal heir to it isSUVCW.

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 234: You Have to Wonder About the University of Mississippi History Professors

From the April 4, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  UM history faculty seek Confederate plaque revision.  (Univ. of Mississippi)  (Loss)  A plaque was installed on March 17 at the Confederate monument on campus and the faculty is upset that it has no mention of slavery on it.  Some 33 history professors at the school want it to read that slavery was the main cause of the Civil War and freedom the most important result.  There is also no mention of the oppression of blacks that followed the war.

Of course, I am shocked that the school would allow a Confederate monument to still be on the campus in its present anti-all things Confederate.

Well, if the University of Mississippi was ever a Southern school, it certainly isn't now.  Perhaps they need to relocate to some New England state or New York.

The school already refuses to fly the state flag because of the Confederate emblem on it, even though they flew it since the 1890s.  Why they still receive state funding is beyond me.  The Mississippi state legislature should cut off funding.

And the fact that these are supposedly history faculty, it is surprising they have such a narrow view of the cause and result of the war.  Sure slavery was in the mix, but there are many other things that also caused it, especially the abolitionists, John Brown and economics.

--Old Secesh

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 233: Is It Racist to Be Upset About Confederate Heritage Month?

From the April 13-14, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Mississippi Confederate Heritage Month proclamation prompts outcry.  (Loss)  Can anybody say "racist"?  I have to wonder if it would be racist if I had an outcry against Black History Month?  By the way, I strongly believe that there should be a Black History Month.

**  Confederate Flag Debate Could Snarl House Republicans--Again.  (Loss)  That would be the U.S. Congress.  Personally, I think they have bigger problems.

**  Group calls for end of Same day Celebration for Civil Rights Leader and Confederate General.  (Arkansas)  I completely agree.  One of the days should be moved to a different day.  I'd say which ever one was commemorated first should be the one to get first choice.

--Old Secesh

Confederate Land Mine Found...Then Destroyed-- Part 2: Found At a Construction Site

Civil War land mines were mostly converted cannonballs and more commonly used in Virginia and Georgia.

Matt Bell found it while doing excavating with a small track backhoe uncovered it at a construction site near Danville, Arkansas, in Yell County on Wednesday.  They at first thought it to be a solid cannonball and quite a nice souvenir.

Another man tossed it out of the ditch and Bell picked it up and put it in the bed of his pickup and drove it home the 65 miles to Hot Springs.  He measured and weighed it and found it to be 31.6 pounds and 6.25-inches in diameter.  he found out it was definitely a land mine at the Civil War Museum West in Hot Springs.

There were at least eleven skirmishes in Yell County during the war.  One was at Danville on March 18, 1864.

Civil war shells are often defused and I sure wish they had defused it rather than blown it up.  That was quite an artifact.

--Old Secesh

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Confederate Land Mine Found...And Then Destroyed-- Part 1: It Was Still Potent

From the April 2, 2016, Arkansas Online "Civil War relic destroyed after it's identified as land mine."

A very rare 32-pound Confederate land mine with a pressure sensor fuse, the first-known one discovered west of the Mississippi River, has been found and then destroyed in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Matt Bell found it at his construction site near Danville in Yell County and thought he had a great old relic, but then he found out it was actually a land mine and that an x-ray test showed their could be explosives inside that might go off.  The land mine was taken to the Garland County Landfill and safely detonated.

So, it was possible that it could have exploded when found and on the truck ride to Hot Springs.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 232: What , Then, About New Orleans' Jackson Statue?

From the April 2, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Court upholds order to relocate UT Confederate statue.  (Univ. of Texas)  (Loss)  Statue of Jefferson Davis.

**  Keeping Andrew Jackson statue doesn't square with removing Confederate monuments.  (Bayou Buss, Louisiana)  A good point made.  Jackson Square and the statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans  is one of the most popular tourist spots and photo ops on the Gulf Coast.  However, New Orleans' nuisance ordinance says any monument should be removed if it "suggests the supremacy of one ethnic, religious or racial group over another."

Andrew Jackson was a slave owner and definitely didn't treat Indians very well.

The article pointed out that Jackson did save New Orleans from the British and did serve two terms as president, but today's history revisionists only care about how he treated oppressed minorities of his day.

--Old Secesh

Program Focuses on Teenage Soldiers During the Civil War

From the April 2, 2016, Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer, AP.

The Alamance Battleground State Historic Park in Burlington, N.C. held a program and re-enactment April 2-3 to portray the roles played by teenage soldiers.

North Carolina formed the Junior Reserves in the last year of the war which comprised very young males to help ease the lack of Confederate manpower.

The Alamance Battlefield site is where rebelling farmers fought colonial militia in 1771, years before the Revolutionary War.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 231: Flag Going Back Up in S.C.?

From the April 1, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  S.C. House proposal could move Confederate Relic Room to Charleston.  (Columbia, S.C.)  Perhaps in response for that unbelievable request for $3.5 million to display the flag taken down last summer.

**  S.C. Secessionist Party to raise Confederate Flag at State House in July.  (Columbia)  (Loss)  I wish they wouldn't.  It will just cause a big confrontation, even though it will only fly temporarily.  It will happen July 10, the one-year anniversary of the flag coming down.

**  Confederate Heritage Month?  We aren't ready for that.  (Latria Graham)  (Loss)  Laments that Mississippi has joined Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas in celebrating the month.  But, Latria, you had your Black History Month.  Fair is fair.

--Old Secesh

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 230: Spoonbread Festival Cancelled Over Confederate Flag

From the March 31-April 1, 2016, Google Alerts

**  Indian River County School District discusses possibility of banning Confederate Flag.  (Florida)  (Loss)

**  Multiple dorm arsons, Confederate Flags put a college on edge.  (St. Mary's College, Maryland)  (Loss, if the dorm arsons are set by our side.)  St. Mary's, Maryland is also the town where there is a big flap about a Confederate Flag flying on private property out by the town's welcome sign.

**  Spoonbread Festival in Kentucky Canned Over Confederate Flag.  (Berea, Kentucky)  (Loss)  This festival draws thousands to the tiny town, but it is now cancelled.  The 20th anniversary was to be September 16-18.  Until last year, there were no problems with the sale of Confederate merchandise, but a few found it offensive last year.  The event drew 60,000 last year.

--Old Secesh

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 229: Confederate Monuments to Stay, for Now, in New Orleans

From the March 28-31, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Jefferson Davis Statue Transfer Vaults Appeal.  (Texas)  (Loss)  The University of Texas in Austin wants to move the statue.  The SCV challenged it in the Texas Appeals Court and lost.

**  Having postponed for Confederate monuments legislation, city seeks OK to remove Liberty Place monument.  (New Orleans, will go back to capitalization because the black city council failed, at least initially, to have them removed.)  (Win)  The Liberty Place monument is dedicated to an 1870s white militia.  I am alright with removing this one, but not the Confederate ones.  The State senate Bill 276 calls for the creation of a commission with final authority over removal of Confederate monuments.

**  Rally in Berea Protests Sale of Confederate Flag Merchandise.  (Kentucky)  (Loss)  The big complaint is the sale of these items at the annual Spoonbread Festival.  Protesters pointing out that the Kentucky State Fair and State Park System have already banned the sale.  The Berea Chamber of Commerce runs the festival and won't ban the flags.

--Old Secesh

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 228: Controversy in St. Mary, Md. and Mississippi

From the March 25-27, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate Flag controversy  (Three Springs, Pennsylvania)  Ten students suspended for Confederate Flags on their vehicles.

**  Confederate Flag causing Controversy Near St. Mary's Welcome Sign.  (Maryland)  (It shouldn't be causing controversy.)  It is on private property owned by Budda Creek Motorcross.  The county commissioner said the property owners are exercising their 1st Amendment right and nothing can be done about it.

**  Protesters rally at Capitol against Confederate Heritage Month.  (Mississippi)  (Loss)  Big surprise, they are mostly black.

--Old Secesh

A Look At Chicago Murder, Crime and Mayhem-- Part 2

And to think that blacks killing other blacks not only happens in Chicago but in pretty much every town and city with a large black population.

Still at the Hey Jackass! Site.  2016 Race of Victim Killed

Black--  100  Hispanic 34--  White/Other 5

Assailants:  Black --15  (Of course, it is difficult to find out who does the shooting as the blacks don't cooperate with the police.)

Deadliest 'Hoods 2016 so far (homicides, wounded, total)

Austin:  19, 65, 84
Garfield Park:  10, 68, 78
Englewood:  12, 58, 70
North Lawndale:  2, 46, 48

These are majority black neighborhoods.

And, wait, yesterday and last night there were four separate shootings across Chicago with CBS news reporting 2 killed and one wounded.  The ones shown were all blacks.  Nine were hurt.  One shooting was particularly gruesome as the victim was filming a selfie of himself when he was shot repeatedly.

And yet, there were a lot of blacks outside the Chicago Police Union headquarters protesting the hiring of the ex-cop who shot the McDonald kid so many times.

That was a horrible thing, but two were already dead yesterday.

It is time for blacks to get their house in order.  And get off the Confederate and Police Things.