Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 264: What Next, Houston?

**  Houston renames schools named for Confederate leaders.  (Texas)

Of course, Confederate leaders and soldiers were fighting to preserve slavery only, according to our opposition.  Many of them even owned slaves.

Since the school names are being removed because of the slavery connection, I got to wondering, since Texas was a slave state, perhaps some important Texans might have owned slaves.

A little research was that this person named Sam, who was so important in Texas history that he even had a city named after him, spoke out against the institution of slavery... but owned slaves.  I found a source that said that after this man's death in 1863 an inventory of his property listed 12 slaves with a value of $10,530.20.

And, Sam's last name?


Well, Do the Right Thing.  --Old Secesh

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