Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fort Crawford (Va.)-- Part 3: Fort Crafford?

The first place I read about this fort referred to it as Fort Crawford, but I was unable to find out anything about it in search other than a Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien in Wisconsin.  Evidently, it is actually Fort Crafford, taking its name from the family that owned the land where the fort was built.

From Wikipedia.

Fort Crawford was a pentagonal earthwork built 1862 and became part of the Confederacy's Warwick Line established to thwart Union soldiers coming up the Virginia Peninsula from Fort Monroe.  It was the James River terminus of the line and included fortifications at Lee's Mill as well as Dam No. 1 and Wynne's Mill in Newport News Park.  This line extended to the York River to the north.

--Old Secesh

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