Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Firestorm At Peshtigo-- Part 9: Ogden Comes A-Calling

It was during this lumber boom in 1864 that William Ogden, who was so important in the early days of Chicago, and Samuel Tilden, an attorney from New York, came up from Chicago to tour the copper mines of Upper Michigan.

They stayed at Isaac Stephenson's mansion in Marinette, near Peshtigo, for a day and a half.  They agreed that the dried-out land in the area made for a fire hazard, but that that was ideal for building railroads at a fast pace.

They, of course, were interested in getting copper from the Upper Peninsula and everyone was very aware of how dangerous Lake Michigan could be with its storms.

Also, the huge lumber supply in the area around Marinette and Peshtigo would be very good for transport as well.

--Old Secesh

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