The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Monday, December 14, 2009

General Jackson's Wounding

I have been writing about the 18th North Carolina, Colonel Purdie and John Decatur Barry lately, and a lot of that was tied up with the wounding of General Jackson, so I decided to go into some detail on the event.

According to Wikipedia, as Jackson and his staff were returning to camp on May 2, 1863, they passed in front of the 18th North Carolina, who mistook them for Union cavalry in the darkness. They challenged with, "Halt! Who goes there?". Before the reply could be evaluated, shots rang out.

The staff frantically tried to identify themselves when Major Barry replied, "It's a damned Yankee trick! Fire!" A second volley and Jackson received three wounds, two to his left arm and one to his right hand.

Several other staff members were killed as were some horses. Darkness and confusion prevented General Jackson from getting immediate care. Dr, Hunter McGuire amputated Jackson's left arm, and he was taken to a local plantation where he died on May 10th of complications from pneumonia.

A Sad Time for the South. --Old B-Runner