Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some More on the USS Restless

I also came across mention of boats from the USS Flag and USS Restless capturing the British-built blockade runner Anglia at Bulls Bay, SC, on October 27, 1862. The Anglia was a 473 ton iron sidewheel steamer built in England in 1847.

The ship had twice sailed through the blockade, once on July 30, 1862, from Nassau and again from the same place September 21st. I would have to believe that it was getting ready to run the blockade again when it was taken.

It was taken as a prize and sold to private owners and renamed the Admiral DuPont in January 1863. It continued service until January 8, 1865, when it was sunk in a collision.

Mean Old Restless, Picking on My Boats Like That. --Old Blockade-Runner