Thursday, July 5, 2012

Confederates Form Unholy Alliance with Vampires

The alliance was a win-win for both sides.  The vampires became the South's secret weapon and almost won the battle.  And, of course, the vampires got to gorge themselves with the possibility of having their own country for their sort.  And then, Abraham destroys the whole thing by getting silver bullets and cannonballs to Gen. Meade at Gettysburg to negate big wins the first two days.

Yesterday, I went to the movies and saw "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer."  First thing I have to say is to never go to the theater during a holiday, especially a hot one like we're having.  Way too many people getting into that ac from the sweat any movement outside produces.

Poor Confederates.  Besides the forever curse of having slaves and essentially fighting the war to keep them (although there were sure other reasons).  Now they are entering an alliance with the unholy.  And supposedly most of the slave owners were vampires who used slaves as a ready supply of blood.  At least according to the movie.

However, I found this new look at the war of great interest.  Many of the characters were based on actual persons in Lincoln's life.

Plenty of blood and action moves as well for those of you who like that sort of stuff.

I have printed a blog entry already saying part of the movie was filmed at Fort Pulaski in Georgia, but I recall no scenes looking like the place.

Good Movie.  Go See It.  --Old Blood-Sucking Secesh

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