Wednesday, December 24, 2014

North Carolina's Barnes Family: Captain Jesse Barnes-- Part 1

Earlier this year I was writing about Confederates from North Carolina buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  Until this past year I was unaware that any Confederates were buried there, considering how the cemetery came about as a slap in the face to Robert E. Lee and his family for joining the Confederacy.

There was some questions as to whether Jesse Barnes of the 4th North Carolina Infantry Regiment was buried there.

He wasn't.

Jesse Barnes is buried in the family cemetery on land that was once part of his parents' plantation.  It is located near Stantonsburg in Wilson County, North Carolina.  Today, it is a small cemetery in the middle of a tobacco field.  There is a picture of it in Find-a-Grave that Virginian Summer has posted.

--Old Secesh

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