Friday, September 9, 2016

2nd Texas Infantry-- Part 3: At Battle of Shiloh

The Order of Battle for the 2nd Texas Infantry at the Battle of Shiloh"

2nd Army Corps under Major General Braxton Bragg.

Second Division under Brigadier General Jones M. Withers.

Third Brigade under Brigadier General John K. Jackson

Also in the Third Brigade:

17th Alabama
18th Alabama
19th Alabama
Georgia Battery under Capt. Isadore P. Girardey

At Shiloh, the 2nd Texas was led by Colonel John C. Moore
Lt. Colonel was William P. Rodgers.  (During the Mexican War he had gotten into a quarrel with Jefferson Davis which almost led to a duel.)  He was later killed at the Battle of Corinth on October 4, 1862.  A famous photograph was taken of his body and others in his command who died there.

Of 6.482 men at the Battle of Shiloh, the 2nd Division had 1,918 killed and wounded.

Jackson's 3rd Brigade had 86 killed, 365 wounded and 213 missing.

Heavy Fighting Indeed.  --Old Secesh

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