Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 348: Here's An Idea About Erasing the Confederacy-- Make 'Em Pay For It

It would appear certain groups of people who are so wanting to erase all vestiges of the Confederacy from everything are being very successful in their attempts.

They have most of the politicians and definitely the pc whites as well as courts supporting them.  If the Confederacy was outnumbered in its attempt to form their own country back in 1861-1865, they are even more outnumbered now.

Taking the payment of to the UDC at Vanderbilt to remove the name Confederate from Confederate Memorial Hall dormitory, I would propose that anytime there is someone desirous of the elimination of anything Confederate or banning the sale of Confederate items, they be made to pay to get their wishes in effect.

I propose at least $1 million for the removal or moving of any Confederate statue, name on a building or memorial already in place.  Anyone wanting to ban the wearing of or flying of any Confederate images at least $10,000 per incident.  (Perhaps we can have a cut-off date of fifty years, with anything to be removed after 1955 costing just $500,000.)

Payments can be made to Confederate organizations like the SCV or UDC.

I Mean, If It Is Going to Happen Anyway, Let's Be Fair About It.

Pay to Play.  --Old Secesh

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