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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Colonel Ethelbert Ludlow Dudley-- Part 1: Died of Typhoid Fever

I have been writing about a Col. William Dudley in my Not So Forgotten Blog:  War of 1812 blog.  His command was involved in what is now called Dudley's Massacre when it came to the relief of Fort Meigs in Ohio in 1813.  I came across some other Dudleys in my research.

Theses are some Civil War Dudleys.  I am not sure if any are related to him.


1818 to February 20, 1862

Prominent Kentucky physician.  Educated at Harvard and Transylvania (Kentucky) colleges.  Graduated in 1842.

In 1862, at the age of 45, he died of typhoid fever in Columbia, Kentucky,   At the time of his death, he was commander of the 21st Kentucky Infantry.  He was interned at Lexington Cemetery.

--Old Secesh

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