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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Civil War Days Canceled in Lake County, Illinois: Something's Mighty Rotten

The 2019 Civil War Days has been canceled by Lake County Forest Preserve District (Illinois) President Angelo D. Kyle.  He doesn't like it because it includes Confederates and that means the flag will be there.

He is a black man.

Talk about a racist move on somebody's part.  This has been going on for over twenty years and is a well-attended event.  And, it is also one of the biggest Civil War re-enactment events in the state.  People really got to see first-hand what it was like to be a soldier during that war.  But not any more.

And, Mr. Kyle probably did not know this, but the show is open to members of USCT re-enactment groups.  That stands for United States Colored Troops.  That means his people.  So, in effect, he was being racist against his own race, besides just whites and Confederates.

It sounds like he made this move without the support of the rest of the Forest Preserve Board.  Definitely grounds for removal from office.  He first canceled it, then, under pressure said this year's would go on, but then canceled it again because of security issues.  It is doubtful there were security issues and the Lake County Sheriff's Office has even offered to look into the issues, but Mr. Kyle evidently doesn't want that.

Something Stinks in Lake County.  --Old Secesh

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