The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ike Unearths Mystery Ship Near Fort Morgan, Alabama

It might be the blockade-runner (Hey, that's my Name) Monticello, but, maybe it isn't. The last time this much of the vessel was seen was after Hurricane Camille in 1969. Since then, at times parts have been visible off and on.

Author Jack Friend says that there have been many shipwrecks in this area in the past 500 years, so it might be the Monticello, but again, maybe not.

The schooner Monticello (I've also seen it called a sloop and the USA Today called it a battleship) was driven aground near the site on June 26, 1862, and burned by the Union Navy. There is charred wood near the beach level.

The location and description match. This ship is 150 feet long and 36 feet wide.

Sidney Schell says the Monticello left Havana on its way to Mobile when it was intercepted.

I also saw that it could be a ship called the Ivanhoe which has an iron hull, but this wreck is inside the Fort Morgan Historic Park.

Who Knows, Who Knows Quoth the Raven. --Old Blockade-Runner