Saturday, September 27, 2008

Name That Ship

Hurricane Ike uncovered the wreck of a ship that has caused a lot of controversy among folks as to just what its identity is. Originally, many believed it to be the wreck of the Civil War blockade-runner Monticello as its dimensions and location was similar. It was run aground June 26, 1862 by the USS Kanawha. However, woven steel cables and what appears to be asbestos tiles have been found on it and no Civil War vessel would have these.

Plus, the Monticello was a sailing vessel and this one appears to have been powered by an engine.

Then, it was thought to be the 134 foot Rachel, lost in 1933.

However, now there is the belief that it might be the rum runner Aurora which was captured at sea by the US Coast Guard carrying 1400 cases of premium liquor. It was being towed to Mobile, when it became separated, caught fire and grounded near Fort Morgan March 12, 1933. This ship was registered in British Honduras, now Belize.

Thanks Chris Eger for the update.

Mighty Dry Time Somewhere Thanks to the Coast Guard, --Old B-Runner