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Monday, September 8, 2008

Running the Blockade: Better Warn Your Contactor-- SCV Paying for Black Cemetery Marker

Running the Blockade. Some New News About an Old War.

1. WARN YOUR CONTRACTOR-- According to Bluefield, West Virginia's September 8th WHSV, construction workers at a home in Charles Town were more than a little surprised to find a live 10 pound Civil War shell in the wall.

The American Public University System recently bought the home and crews found the shell while repairing the siding and insulation.

It is believed that the shell was fired October 18, 1863 by Confederate General John Imboden's artillery when they shelled the Jefferson County Courthouse.

It was given to the Jefferson County Museum who will disarm it.

Sure Hope They're Careful.

2. SCV PAYING FOR BLACK CEMETERY MARKER-- As reported in the September 8th yankee Philip blog, the Stonewall Brigade Camp #1296 of the Sons of Confederate veterans has been raising money to eract a marker for the old Lexington, Virginia, free black cemetery. So far they have raised $760 and are still $590 they need to pay for the $1350 marker.

This new marker is for the cemetery of lexington's free blacks. The majority of burials were unmarked and no records were kept. The cemetery closed in 1880, and supposedly the remains were removed. In 1946, the site was subdivided and homes built.

You's Think Certain Organizations Might Put More of Their Effort Here Than in Attacking the Flag That So Many Died and Suffered For.