Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alabama's Last Real Daughter

Some more information on the death of Norma Vivian Smith as reported on the last blog from the Jan. 9th Birmingham (Al) News.

She was buried January 9th. 

Her father, Thomas Jefferson Denney, was born in 1843 and about 18 when he joined the Confederate Army.  While in his 80s, he married Dora, his fourth wife, who was a widow in her 40s.  Dora was Norma's mother.  She was born Dec. 22, 1922, and her father died at age 91, in 1934.

The Real Daughters Club of the United Daughters of the Confederacy lists 16 living real daughters.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans lists 24 Real Sons.

Those Old Rebels Were Sure Virile into Their Old Age.  --Old Secesh

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