Friday, January 6, 2012

A Real Civil War Shaping Up

Yesterday, we drove right through the heart of enemy territory, at first unaware, but Liz thought she saw a sign announcing a route right into the enemy camp.  We chose not to confront them at their home base, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but rather to meet up with the rest of our army down at Mobile, Alabama, where the final showdown is expected.

These southerners, who call themselves the Red Wolves, must not have expected a bunch of northerners calling themselves Huskies from Illinois to come slipping through their country, Arkansas.  Other than the sign, we didn't even see any skirmish lines or even patrols, or even anyone wearing hats or uniforms with that stAte on them.

Maybe they were all grouping together down at Mobile awaiting our arrival. 

We were sliding by on a major route connecting our two countries, I-55.

We made it into Mississippi, where we went into encampment at the little town of Canton, right outside the state capital of Jackson.  Today, we plan to get to Mobile for our first encounter with these Red Wolves, who have won nine straight battles and are 10-2 so far this year.  They are confident, despite losing their general in the last battle.

Our forces, under command of Doeren, have won seven battles in a row and are 10-3 at this time, so it is a battle between two armies that have been winning of late.  Promises to be a real exciting and close battle.  The winner gets to take the battle championship, Go-Daddy, back home.

I did some major recon on the "enemy" via this contraption today.

Here's Hoping for a Northern Victory.  --Old Huskie for the Time Being.

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