Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Confederacy's Only US President Buried 150 Years Ago-- Part 1

From the RVA News 150, Richmond, Virginia.  It is kind of strange that I would come across this article just a day after my wife forwarded me an article about how President Tyler still has two living grandchildren.  I will be writing about that on my history blog, Cooter's History Thing.

As the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia, was host to many state funerals in it streets during the course of the war.  The persons were often buried in the city's Hollywood Cemetery.

On January 22, 1862, the new country buried its first and only United States president, John Tyler.  Referred to by his opponents as "His Accidency" or "The Accidental President" John Tyler, the 10th president had ascended to that position upon the sudden death of William Henry Harrison a few weeks into his term, the first vice president to do so in the succession plan.

President Tyler died January 18, 1862, and his funeral procession was held Jan. 22nd after a full-fledged state funeral.  He had passed away at age 71 at the Exchange Hotel in Richmond.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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