Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aftermath of "Gettisburg"-- Part 1

From the July 28, 2013, UNC Library Civil War Day By Day. An excellent resource of primary source materials. This is from a letter written by W.T. Dickinson to North Carolina's Governor Zebulon Vance: /// "Camp Near Brandy Station VA July 28 1863 /// Gov. Z.B. Vance /// Dear Sir, /// Our troops arrived here a few days since from our trip to Pa much worn down with fatigue & consequent upon our long and muddy tromp for it rained nearly all the time while we were gone. I stood the trip very well as I had a horse to ride all the time. I could not of stood, what many of our poor fellows who took much less like standing hardships than myself did, we left many of our poor fellows killed and wounded at Gettisburg..." Dickinson was with the 11th NC. /// Old Secesh

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