Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dogs in the Civil War-- Part 3: More About Jack

Jack stayed with his regiment for all except six months when he was held by Confederates as a prisoner of war. While in prison he gave great cheer to other Union prisoners. Later, he was exchanged even up for a Confederate. (I have to wonder how that man felt about being exchanged for a dog?)/// Jack was in many battles and was captured one other time, but escaped in six hours. He was severely wounded at Malvern Hill and received lesser wounds at other battles./// He reportedly also understood bugle calls, searched for comrades on battlefields and would follow only the 102nd./// On December 23, 1864, at Frederick City, Maryland, he disappeared and was never seen again. Most of the 102nd believe he was killed by someone for his collar./// Lousy Thing to Do. --Old Secesh

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