Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pit Bulls in War-- Part 1: Sallie

Last week, in my Cooter's History Thing blog, I was writing about the much maligned dogs called pit bulls. I came across a pit bull who was with the 11th Pennsylvania and one with the 102nd Pennsylvania. SALLIE The beloved mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania was a brindle bull terrier named Sallie who went everywhere with the unit. She was said to have hated three things: Rebels, Democrats and women. Her loyalty was undying. At the Battle of Gettysburg, after the first day's fighting, she ambled over to where the 11th had fought and died and lay down with the dead. Weak and near death, she was found July 4th and nursed back to health. She was with the unit for every battle until mortally wounded at the Battle of Hatcher's Run in February 1865 and given a proper burial. A likeness of Sallie is memorialized at the 11th Pennsylvania's monument at Gettysburg. Quite a Dog. --Old Secesh

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