Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 5

Wal-Mart refused in Sliddell, Louisiana, refused to bake a cake featuring a Confederate flag on top.  The person who ordered it went back later and ordered a cake with the Islamic State flag on top.  That was ok.  The Islamic State is currently beheading Christians and selling little girls into slavery and is at war with the United States.

Confederate flag sales online is rising.

Georgia has stopped issuing SCV license plates.

There was a clash between Confederate flag supporters and blacks in Brooksville, Florida.

There have been fires at six predominately black churches in Florida and Tennessee.  Some were determined to be accidental, but even if just one was set, that is one too many.  Fortunately, i have heard of no one being hurt.  These horrible incidents happened during the Civil Rights Movement and must not happen again.

A North Charleston cop was fired for posing in Confederate flag underwear on his Facebook page.

North Carolina is looking into ending SCV license plates which feature the flag.

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