Saturday, July 18, 2015

The SCV Sees the Flag Attack As a "Nightmare"-- Part 2

Commander Barrow continued:  "They want to remove our flags, the names of our streets, our monuments.  We're in a country that's supposed to be tolerant, and suddenly they're targeting our culture.  I can't wait to wake up from this nightmare."

These comments came after a ceremony at Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery to honor the Pennsylvania doctor who in the 1870s exhumed the remains of thousands of Confederate soldiers killed at the Battle of Gettysburg and had their remains shipped back.  (Sure sounds like something a racist group would do.)

About 18,000 Confederate soldiers are buried at Hollywood Cemetery, many in an area referred to as Gettysburg Hill thanks to the doctor's efforts. Small Confederate flags were fluttering amongst the tombstones.

Jefferson Davis along with U.S. presidents John Tyler and James Monroe are also buried there.

--Old Secesh

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