Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 8

South Carolina State Representative Jenny Horne, a descendant of Jefferson Davis, gave a late night speech urging the flag to come down which led to the vote to remove it.

NASCAR asked fans of their recent race in Daytona Beach not to fly the Confederate flag.  They did anyway.  Good for them.

The Bonnie Blue flag, one used by Confederates, also is a point of contention.  But it has not been used as a hate symbol.  There was even some talk of replacing the S.C. flag with the Bonnie Blue, but, fortunately nothing came of it.  Then it would have become a hate flag.

Protesters in New Orleans threw a Confederate flag on a grill beneath a statue of Robert E. Lee.Someone hoisted a Confederate flag at the Tallahassee, Florida, City Hall.

Fort Fisher State Historic Site in North Carolina says it will continue to sell Confederate merchandise.  They report that sales of these items have had an uptick since the controversy began.

Good for Them.  --Old Secesh

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