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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 125: Goodbye Kirby

From the Nov. 18, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

School board OKs dress code ban on Confederate symbols.  (Christiansburg, Virginia, Montgomery County)  (Loss)  But no surprise here.  But, you know some people are offended by Christians.  Perhaps a new town name is in order.

Florida lawmakers move to replace Confederate statue.  (Not really a loss)  Statue of Confederate General Kirby Smith at U.S. Capitol.  As I said before, he spent only his childhood in the state and shouldn't represent the state at the Capitol.  Should have been done a long time ago.  Unfortunate that it had to take place in the current Confederate backlash.

Ken Calvert: Congressman recounts Confederate Flag controversy.  He introduced a late hour amendment on the spending bill that would have allowed the Confederate Flag to be placed at Confederate veterans gravestones at federal cemeteries in states which have Confederate memorial holidays.  Needless to say, this drew a lot of controversy.

Confederate Flags in Tallahassee Veterans Day Parade Causes Backlash.  (Loss)

David Allan Coe Fans Ready Confederate Do-Rags.  (Win)  Wait a minute guys and gals, don't you know some people are offended by them?  Oh, yes.  I forgot.  You don't care (but am sure you'd have other words to say about it).

--Old Secesh

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