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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Top Ten Civil War Innovations-- Part 4: Railroads, McCormick's Reaper and Paper Money

8.   RAILROADS--  had a huge impact.  Moved troops and supplies with rapidity as opposed to land roads.

9.  McCORMICK'S REAPER--  A labor-saving device.  Using the new reaper, three farm hands could do the work of 10-12 in wheat production.  This enabled these men to go to war.  The reaper was patented in 1834 by Virginian Cyrus McCormick.

10.  PAPER MONEY--  The war transformed U.S. banking system.  Paper money became legal tender for the first time.

"Greenbacks," named for their anti-counterfeit ink used on the back of them were issued by the federal government.  This replaced the paper notes issued by local banks around the country.

With the increasingly worthless Confederate paper money, some Southern soldiers demanded to be paid in Union "Greenbacks."

So, There You have It.  --Old Secesh

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