The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fort Fisher

Two new plaques have been proposed for mounting south of the visitors center. One will be about the Mound Battery and the second one about the Confederate retreat from the fort.

According to maps I've seen, the site of the Mound Battery has not been covered by the ocean, but it no longer exists. It would be something if it was reconstructed. That was quite an engineering feat.

For a long time, there were no books published dealing with Fort Fisher. My goal at one time was to correct that and I spent a lot of time gathering information about it.

HOWEVER, since 1991, there have been four books published, so I think it has been pretty-well covered, so I no longer have to do it.

The books:

Confederate Goliath-- by Rod Gragg, 1991
Last Rys of Departing Hope: The Wilmington Campaign-- by Chris Fonvielle, Jr., 1997
The Wilmington Campaign and the Battle for Fort fisher-- Mark A. Moore, 1995
Hurricane of Fire-- by Charles M. Robinson, 1998

I have the first three books and am unfamiliar with the last one.

I met Chris Fonvilelle when he was director of the Blockade Runner Museum in Carolina Beach.

At Least I Don't Have to Write a Book. --Old B-R'er