The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Running the Blockade: --Shell Found at Fort Morgan --Not-So-Nice SCV Article

Some New News About an Old War.

1. SHELL FOUND AT FORT MORGAN-- A 100 pound Parrot shell was found buried atop Fort Morgan's parapet in Alabama at the mouth of Mobile Bay. It had been there over 100 years and had been fired in 1864. It was determined to be harmless and will undergo preservation.

2. NOT-SO-NICE SCV ARTICLE-- This past weekend,the Chicago Sun-Times ran an article that did not paint the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the best of light. It portrayed the organization as being divided between those interested in honoring their ancestors and those trying to stir up trouble. I would imagine this is referring to the SCV camp in Tampa that occasionally flies that huge Confederate flag.

I'll go more into depth on these two stories later.

Shells and Nasties. --Old B-R'er