Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Fort Fisher Book-- Part 2

What is really good about this book is that it follows the lives of Confederate soldiers captured at Fort Fisher. There are lots of accounts of the battles and now, even books. I can think of three involved with the fort since Gragg's work in the 1980s. At one time, I had thought about writing a book on it, but now I don't have to, which, because of my paltry writing abilities is a good thing.

Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, I stockpiled information for the book project and have about ten notebooks of material, which I may put in this blog in the future.

But, here, is a book of a different sort.

And, if nothing else, with all the Confederate bashing leveled at Andersonville and other southern prisons, it is good to show that northern ones weren't any better and I have to believe they could have been as the north wasn't suffering from lack of supplies like the south.

And, there is always "Hellmira"'s western annex at Chicago's Camp Douglas, or "Eighty Acres of Hell" as it was called.

Remember, the Winners get to Write the History Books. --Old B-Runner

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