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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some More on Newly-Located Camp Lawton

From the August 19th Natchez (Ms) Democrat.

Among the artifacts found so far is a corroded bronze buckle used to fasten tourniquets during amputations.

Finding Camp Lawton comes primarily from the efforts of Georgia Southern graduate student Kevin Chapman as his thesis project in archaeology.

Camp Lawton's dimensions were a quarter mile on each side and covered 42 acres, twice the size of Andersonville which it replaced.

Confederate General John H. Winder had the prison established and expected it to hold 32,000 prisoners and be the largest in the world.

THE Georgia PBS News said the camp's discovery might help Jenkins County's economy with incoming jobs and money. A museum is planned for the site.

We Owe a Big Thanks to Mr. Chapman. --B-R'er

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