Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unknown Soldier of the Confederate States of America Tomb

From Wikipedia.

This is about the one in Biloxi, Mississippi at Beauvoir, the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. There are two others with similar names in Kentucky at Horse Cave and Perryville.

The remains of a Confederate soldier were discovered in 1979, by Rick Forte, Chairman of the Combined Boards at Beauvoir, at one of the battlefields of the Vicksburg Campaign. The remains were reburied in a cypress casket at Beauvoir in 1980.

The tomb is inscribed "Known But to God" and was dedicated June 6, 1981.

The remains have been authenticated by artifacts by them, but his name, unit and place of origin are not known.

The Great Seal of the CSA is at the top of it and at the base is part of a poem by Father Abram Joseph Ryan, the poet-priest of the Confederacy.

Ah! fearless on many a day for us,
They stood in front of the fray for us,
And held the foeman at bay for us;
And tears should fall
Fore'er o'er all
Who fell while wearing the Gray for us.

Something to Think About On This Day dedicated to All Veterans Who have Defended Our Freedoms. --Old B-Runner

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