Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confederate Secretary of the Navy: Stephen Russell Mallory-- Part 2

Mallory was born in 1812 in Trinidad and his family settled in Key West around 1823 (the reason the town has the famous Mallory Square where the Sunset Celebration takes place).

To take in more money after his father died, his mother opened her home for Key West's first, and for many years, only, boarding house. She sacrificed much to send Stephen to boarding schools in Mobile and Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where he studied until the money ran out and he then returned to Key West.

In 1833, he was appointed customs inspector for Key West by President Jackson. Later, he participated in the 1835-1837 Seminole War. In 1840, Mallory was admitted to the bar and had much success in his maritime law practice, an excellent choice for a Key West.

From 1837 to 1845, he was also a Monroe County judge.

There is a definitive book about him, "Confederate Navy Chief: Stephan R. Mallory" by Rev. Joseph T. Durkin, SJ, printed first in 1952.

Quite the Life. --Old B-Runner

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