Friday, July 29, 2011

A Lot of Privateer Action 150 Years Ago

JULY 25, 1861--

The Confederate privateer Mariner, Capt. W. B. Berry, Captured schooner Nathaniel Chase off Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina.

Confederate privateer Gordon captured brig William McGlivery off Cape Hatteras with a cargo of molasses.

Confederate privateer Dixie captured schooner Mary Alice off the coast of Florida. The Mary Alice was recaptured by the USS Wabash off Charleston, SC, on August 3, 1861.

JULY 28, 1861--

Privateer Gordon captured the Protector off Cape Hatteras.

USS St. Lawrence sank Confederate privateer Petrel off Charleston.

JULY 31, 1861--

The Dixie captured bark Glenn and took it to Beaufort, NC.

Pirates or Confederate Warships? --Old B-Runner

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