Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The "Boy Colonel" Dies at the Podium-- Part 2

Arthur MacArthur retired and came home to Milwaukee.  On September 5, 1912, while speaking at a reunion of his Civil War regiment, he suffered a heart attack at the podium and died there on the stage..

I had to wonder about the name.  Was he related to, possibly father of, the more famous Douglas MacArthur?  Turns out, he was Douglas's father.  This would give General Douglas MacArthur a connection to the Philippines before he commanded there and "returned."

The two men were also the first father and son to both win Medals of Honor.

Strange that the article would not mention the family connection.

Also, the article didn't mention the elder MacArthur's regiment in the Civil War.  It was the 24th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.

In addition, Arthur MacArthur was originally buried in Milwaukee, but in 1926, he was moved to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  I wonder if this was his son's idea?

Just A Bit More.  --Old Secesh

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