Thursday, September 6, 2012

The First Battle of Washington, NC

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You can see the remains of the US Army ship Picket jutting from the Tar River where it blew up September 6, 1862.

War came to Washington in March 1862 when US troops escorted by the Picket arrived, shortly after capturing New Bern.  According to Charles Warren, "Two companies and a band marched from the wharf to the courthouse playing the national aires."

On the morning of September 6, 1862, a Confederate force surprised the Union troops and captured their artillery.  Federal cavalry, en route for Plymouth were alerted by the gunfire and charged down Main Street, meeting Confederate cavalry at Market Street.

A back-and-forth battle ensued.

During it, the Picket mysteriously blew up, killing the captain and 19 of the crew.

The Confederates were eventually driven off.

Another battle took place at Washington in the spring of 1863.

I have been writing about the gunboat Picket(t) the last several days in my Running the Blockade blog.
So, That's About It.  --Old Secesh

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