Friday, September 14, 2012

You Can Have the Gettysburg Electric Map for $5, But...

From the September 19th York (Pa) Daily News "Gettysburg Electric Map for sale" by Tim Stone Sifer.

That $5, however, is an opening bid for a 12-ton, 29 square-foot piece of Gettysburg history.  The catch, another $100,000 would have to be spent to "refurbish and display the beloved, but beleaguered, tourist display."  The General Service Administration has it up for auction.

The map was a centerpiece at the old visitor center and installed during the war's centennial in 1963.  One problem with it is that its plaster surface has a 3% friable asbestos mix in it.  It had almost been destroyed when the center moved to new quarters and didn't want it anymore, but a public movement saved it.

As of Monday, the 10th, no one had bid it on it.

I remember seeing it, and it was impressive for its time.  Let's hope somebody in some small museum somewhere, gets it.

Could Be Yours.  --Old Secesh

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