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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chicago Foundry to Replace Sword Stolen from Lincoln Tomb

From the March 5, 2012, Springfield (IL) State Journal-Register by Jason Nevel.

The Civil War artillery officer atop the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site had his three foot copper sword stolen sometime between September and November 9, 2011.  In October, a 16-year-old boy climbed the tomb to the statue and grabbed the copper blade, which came loose, dropped to the ground and broke into two pieces.  He was arrested in December.

It is believed to be the first thing stolen from the tomb since 1890 when the same sword was stolen, only back then, it was bronze.

Much of the material for the statues on the tomb comes from melted-down Civil War cannons.

Marshall Svendsen, owner of True Form Productions in Chicago is replacing the sword for free.  It will take about 40 hours, requiring multiple steps.  Normally he'd charge $2,500 for the work.  He is considering welding the sword to the statue.  The former copper one was held on with a bolt.

Sounds Like a Sticking Situation to Me.  --Old Secesh

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