Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wayne County, NC, in the Civil War

From the March 2011 Historical News.

Wayne County furnished two companies of soldiers for the Cause, about 250 soldiers.  Before North Carolina seceded, there was quite a bit of support for the Union, but most of them joined the Confederate military when the time came for them to choose. 

One of the companies became known as the Goldsboro Rifles and was commanded by Captain Thomas W. Slocumb.

The county was fairly untouched during the war, with the exception of the Battle of Goldsboro Bridge in 1862, until Sherman's Army fought at the nearby Battle of Bentonville and then occupied Goldsboro for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, there was much pillaging and depredations by the Union troops.

One band of them, led by a man named Wilson was particularly bad until a group led by Dr. D. B. Person attacked them and drove them to Goldsboro and Wilson was shot at the corner of East Center and Holly streets.

Good Riddance.  --Old Secesh

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