Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Lincoln" Director Spielberg Speaks in Gettysburg-- Part 2

Spielberg spent seven years working on the movie, which I will be seeing next week.  While doing the research, Spielberg said that Lincoln became like one of his oldest and dearest friends.  "Lincoln wanted us to understand that equality was a small "D" democratic essential."  He regards the three-minute speech as the "most perfect prose poem ever penned by an American."

I was thinking of going to the 150th anniversary commemoration of the Gettysburg Address, but after talking with one of the Antietam rangers, I may have to reconsider.  I drive to North Carolina every Thanksgiving and can easily arrange to drive by Gettysburg.

However, the ranger said that last weekend he had driven the hour from his house to Gettysburg and was surprised by the larger than usual crowds there as well as preparations for the Monday actual anniversary of the speech.

Maybe I'll Have to Change My Mind.  We'll See.  --Old Secesh

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