Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back to the U.S. Dakota 1862 War: The Lake Shetek Massacre

The Lake Shetek Massacre was August 20, 1862.  Fourteen white settlers were killed.  Several days ago, I metioned that Captain William Duley cut the rope that hanged the 39 Dakota Sioux at Mankato and that he had lost several family members to the Indians at Lake Shetek.

Three white families first settled along the shores of Minnesota's Lake Shetek in 1859.  By 1862, there were 12 families there.

On this date, they were attacked by about 100 Indians from the Lean Lodge and Bear Lodge.  The Indians first ordered two families to leave their cabins before killing hired man John Voight.  At the third place they killed Andrew Koch, but his wife escaped and spread the word of the attack on foot to the other whites.

Charley Hatch also heard and mounted his horse to get the word out as well.  The whites gathered together in a cabin for safety.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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