Friday, February 22, 2013

Protest Planned to Save the Old Gettysburg Cyclorama Building

From the Feb. 14, 2013 Hanover (Pa) Evening Sun by Amy Stansbury.

Richard Neutra designed the Gettysburg Cyclorama Building in the late 1950s to memorialize Pickett's Charge.  The modernistic building was created to unite the country.

Last month, the National Park Service made the decision to tear the building down in keeping with its efforts to return the terrain of the battlefield to the way it looked in July of 1863.

His son, Dion Neutra is leading a protest in an attempt to save it.  This Sunday, February 24th at 1 PM, a mass meeting is planned at the battlefield.  Neutra wants the building repurposed as a Lincoln museum dedicated to the Gettysburg Address. 

As his father built the structure, the Cyclorama was on the second floor and the first was dedicated to Lincoln.

Preliminary assessment of costs put repurposing the building at $21 million and $3.3 million to tear down.  There must be asbestos in it as the repurposing an existing building is quite high to my thinking.

Of Course, I Say "Save IT!!"  --Old Secesh

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