Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fayetteville, NC, At War-- Part 2: News from the Front

DECEMBER 22, 1862--  From the Cumberland Plough Boys near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Dec. 17, 1862.  "A list of Casualties in my company on the 13th: Private William Warwick and John Gardner.

Without any disparagement to the bravery of their comrades in arms, I may say that these men acted in a manner of the highest commendation.

My company was under a very hot fire of muskets from 11 o'clock, AM, till dark, but fortunately escaped without other loss than stated above.  We took part in the repulse of three distinct charges and at one time had the pleasure of seeing eleven flags of the stars and stripes flying before us."

J.S. Evans, Capt. Co. F, 24th Reg't N.C.T."

This would be the Battle of Fredericksburg.

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