Monday, November 11, 2013

A Prison Diary: 15 Months in Fort Delaware-- Part 1

From the September/October Confederate Veteran Magazine "Fifteen Months in Fort Delaware: The Prison Diary of Isaac Handy" by Karen Stokes. //// Not just Confederate prisons were bad. Life at this northen prison was no bed of roses eaither. //// "In 1863, reverend Isaac William Ker Handy (1815-1878) a civilian clergyman was incarcerated as a political prisoner of the United States government. He was a middle-aged man close to 50 years old, and his health suffered during his confinement, but during the fifteen months he was held at Fort Delaware, he kept a diary in which he faithfully recorded his war experiences and observations. //// After the war, it was published and now serves as a useful and reliable source of information on the conditions of the prison from July 1863 to October 1864." --Old Secesh

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