Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Civil War Remnants Found At College of William and Mary-- Part 1

From the August 11, 2012, Azcentral.com, AP. //// The College of William and Mary claims that it is the "Alma Mater of a Nation" because of its role before the American Revolution. But it also played a part in the Civil War. //// Archaeologists in recent weeks have probed a defensive position on the school's campus in downtown Williamsburg. Union troops occupied the town from 1862 to 1965. They found evidence of a fortification and many well-preserved artifacts. //// George Washington received his surveyor's license from the school. Presidents Jefferson, Monroe and John Tyler received their educations at William and Mary which was charterd in 1693 and still has a building dating to 1700. It is the oldest college building in the United States. //// An Education and a War Too. --Old Secesh

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