Thursday, November 7, 2013

Two Major Petersburg Sites to be Saved

From the August 15, 2012, "Allies to save depot, attack site" by Clint Schemmer. //// Two major Petersburg, Virginia, sites are to be preserved thanks to state grants, the city and the Civil War Trust. //// $850,000 in funding will spent to restore the city's South Side Depot, the last railroad controlled by Confederates. //// Another 81 acres on Cemetery Hill is also to be preserved. This is a critical site in three battles. This is located between Blandford Cemetery, home to a famous chapel that honors Confederate dead and the Fort Stedman portion of the Petersburg National Cemetery. //// There were over 16 major battles in the 10-month long Petersburg Campaign, resulting in 80,000 killed, wounded and captured between the two sides. //// Cemetery Hill was significant in the Union Army's initial assault on the city June 18, 1864, the July 30, 1864, Battle of the Crater and the March 25, 1865 Confederate surprise attack on Fort Steadman. //// Always Good to Save Battle Sites. --Old Secesh

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